Dappled Willow Tree (Hakuro Nishiki) pruning question.

DsqxAugust 25, 2014

Hi, about 2 months ago I bought two 6' tall Hakuro Nishiki trees. At the time of planting, both the trees had a 3.5' diameter head. I planted them on a wet but not flooded spot in my yard. Within the 2 months since I've planted them they have grown quite large. Both of them have a 7.5' diameter head and their trunks have grown a bit as we'll. Overall I've very happy with this tree but I had a question about pruning it. I've seen some Hakuro Nishiki trees that look untouched and start to weep and others which are prune and have a fuller and round look to them. I'm wanting to train them to have that look, the round and full look which requires constant pruning from what I read. My question is do I prune it the first year? How far into the head do I prune? I've seen some people prune the head down to 3-5" little nubs and others 12".

Also, I don't think both my trees were grafted onto a donor willow. I don't see the graft cut on them. They also don't look like other grafted Dappled Willows. I could be wrong so here's a picture.

Picture of Willow

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Up close of willow

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Closer pic of where it branches out.

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Dappled willows (Salix integra) are by nature shrubs, not trees so if you have them in a tree-form, then yes they are grafted (many grafts are not clearly visible unless you know what you are looking for). They can be pruned quite heavily and if grown as a standard (tree-form) you will want to keep the head/canopy proportional with the rest of the plant. This should be done in late winter, while the shrub is still dormant.

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