Yvonne's Salvia seeds ?

ibheriMarch 6, 2012

I was pretty impressed seeing some pictures of Yvonne's Salvia. Does anyone have some seeds they would like to share? I will be glad to send you the postage.



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I know someone in N Texas that tried them and she said they just couldn't tolerate our heat.
They had plenty of water, but our night time lows just aren't low enough or last long enough for this salvia. :(

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Intresting.. some of the pics I saw had hummers all around. I am so tempted to try a few.

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It grows but it suffers.
It doesn't get as tall as it does up north, and is very unhappy here in N Texas.

Our summers have almost no rain. Our highs are over 100 for weeks on end. Night time lows only in the upper 70s often times only down to the 80s. Its just too much for that particular salvia to cope with.

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nan-6161(Zone 7 Long Island, NY)

I wish I could figure out how to upload pictures from the Picasa, cause I just might be able to show you where growing Y. salvia seems to be ideal! Our zone 7 temperate climate on eastern Long Island is sunny all summer and seems have an extended fall growing season (we don't warm up as early as some other zone 7's, but we "keep" the summer longer?) anyway, I've had great success with Y. Salvia here, with it growing well (and tall!) soon as the heat hits (July?) but really coming into it's own in late August/early September and sometimes staying nice through Halloween. I love it in my half wine barrel planters in morning sun, afternoon part sun.

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nan-6161, were you able to sync to picasa web from your local computer? If so, you should be able to just paste the link in the "Optional link url" text box when you do a regular post. The access needs to be set to "anyone with the link" or something on those lines (exact verbage may be different).
In Houston,we rarely have 100's for several weeks.Yes, it does get upto 100 once in a while. Last yr it was severe drought but I did water every other day, so my garden kind of pulled thru. I have a small lot.

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Perhaps with your lower temps and higher humidity they might do better? Do your night time lows get below the 70s during June thru Sept? Does it stay longer than a minute? There are times when at 11pm its still in the 90s outside!
Once the sun comes up the temps rise very quickly. It just doesn't cool down fast or far enough or long enough to even get tomatoes to set fruit during our summers.

I know that if Carrie can't get them to perform well at her place there's not a chance they'll do well for anyone else who has the same temps. I've read of others in N Texas with the same story to tell.
Carrie said they never did get the height our northern neighbors get, and they pouted the whole summer.

We have other salvias that do much better than Yvonne's though none get that soaring height Yronne's gets.

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Maybe we should pull this thread into our TX forum to see how others have failed/lil succeeded.
I don't believe we will have below 70's (mabe a few nights here and there).

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yes.. go ahead and post there asking who else has tried it.

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I wonder if it would well in my zone? I saw it for sale several years ago but not anymore. The summer here can be mostly 90 but some 100 degrees days.

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does anyone have seeds available of this salvia? I would like to locate some if possible. thanks in advance for any info

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wyldeflwr(z6/7 -MD)

Is there anyone here who still has some of these seeds that they can share? I would really like to get some. Thanks.

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I would love some Yvonne's seeds. I was growing some of Yvonne's Salvia as well as other Salvias, and my plot in the comm'y garden got dug up.

pls let me know if anybody has any, will send SASE.

thank you.

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I would also like to have some of these wonderfull plants! Would anybody ship some seeds to germay, I would also pay for it!!

Thanks and kind regards

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