need a plant that doesn't grow (much)

ilovemyroses(8 Dallas TX)September 29, 2013

geez! I am constantly pruning my 'walker's low' catmint, lamb's ear, germander, purple skullcap (not pink, so much!), chives, thyme, and more!

The city lady who oversees such crimes as flowers flowing into the sidewalk has found me a repeat offender, and has a penchant for sending me warnings. So, this weekend I trimmed and trimmed and trimmed and am ready to wave the white flag.

I REALLY need to find some accompaniments to my rose beds, that don't want to be huge...low ground covers that shyly move towards a full look...

Sadly, I love a chock full garden, bursting out the sides, but must contain myself (and my garden) to not continue my crime streak. Any ideas??

ANyone out there with an overzealous officer? Wondering if a regular supply of donuts would help....geez...wish she would spend as much time overseeing the dog poppers!!

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Maybe something more upright like some small annuals. Some of the plants you mentioned spread more slowly than others. Use those. Actually if you go out and trim every couple of weeks, that should do it.

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Have you considered hellebore/Lenten rose? They're slow-growing and don't get very large although I wouldn't describe them as a ground cover. Another slow grower is Daphne x burkwoodii 'Carol Mackie.' Hellebore is hardy to Z9; Daphne is hardy to Z8 so both should grow well where you are so long as your soil is to their liking. These are growing in sandy loam in my garden. In my experience Daphne does best when grown on a slope for better drainage.

Both of these are currently growing in my garden and after several years I've observed that neither is bothered by any indigenous pests and are care/maintenance-free.

Pachysandra terminalis might be a good choice for low/slow-growing groundcover.

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I just added 18 Circus coral bells into my garden. I tucked them under roses and in open spaces. The bright lime green color seemed to brighten up the garden and the repeat seemed to add to the design. I know you will get many excellent suggestions. Lesley

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