30 gallon leaf bag =

doggiecopNovember 19, 2013

A thirty gallon leaf bag, full of leaves will turn into X of compost over time.

What is X????

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My apologies, did not pertain to question

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If the Carbon to Nitrogen ratio is close to 30 to 1 and the leaves are moist enough, but not too wet, the bacteria will work on them. However, if the leaves are dry and that C:N ratio is not near that 30:1 ratio they will not and the leaves will be the same the following spring as they were when put in the bags.

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Volume reduction in composting is typically in the 5:1 or 10:1 range. You're looking at a bucketful of compost, roughly, depending on how compacted the leaves are now.

It can be done by weight, but I don't have ratios in my head, and it varies a lot more when calculated that way because of different moisture content. Fresh grass clippings would have a very different weight ratio from start to finish compared to dry leaves.

Most experienced composters don't find it necessary to figure that out. For me it's more about where I have room to make piles, how do I store the leaves I have, are there enough greens to go with the browns, etc. I do what works and get a few batches of compost per year for the gardens. :-]

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Thanks toxcrusadr,

I have landscape company's coming on a daily basis to dump truck loads of leaves, I turn them over with my Kubota. In addition I bring home the 30 gallons bags.

I was just wondering on what the bags will reduce to in compost.

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Wow. I can see the need for doing some rough calculations when you're talking about that kind of input volume. I'd say the 5 or 10 to one ratio is going to get you in the ballpark.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

The more moisture contents, the smaller final product.
In the case of fall leaves , it will be reduce to MUCH LESS A THAN 10:1, if you also considering dried press volume of the final product. Even a barrel of dry leave (packed) is more air than solids. If you powdered it and press it will reduce in volume considerable.
EXPERIMENT: Take a few cups : Dry them. Grind them in your coffee grinder: PRESS THE VOLUME. You will get a pretty good idea. This is just PRE composting. AFTER composting it will be reduced further more.

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