Heirloom roses half off sale

mwenrick(z5 OH)July 13, 2011

I can't believe I just ordered 11 more rose bushes! I already had like 8 on the way! I swore I wasn't going to have so many roses in my new house and I'm already at like 60+. I can't help myself. The pictures are so gorgeous and I've been drooling over them since spring and I just kept hitting the "buy now" buttom as if I had no control whatsoever! I have zero places to put these ones too! I'll have to make a new area and oh darn....... I'm already consoling myself knowing how happy I'll be next June. Oh well, could be worse, right??? Anyone else do this very thing you swore not to do?

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OF course - probably most of us do. My bete noir is flower bulbs - seems like my brain forgets that every square inch of garden where I could plant them already has bulbs there - of course, when they show up 6 months after I order them, and I go to plant them, low and behold when I dig a hole I am digging up bulbs that were already there!


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I can't
navigate to the Heirloom website, neither from google nor from my email bcause a message comes up which says This account has been suspended.

Anyone know what that is all about?

I reserved the bulk of my (expandable, of course) budget this year for Eurodesert.

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No wonder the dang website crashed! It's been terrible on there today.........I dont know why its so bad today as they've had several sales already this summer and it wasnt so bad......

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Noni Morrison

I had 10 on my list then it crashed and I only had 4 with 2 marked "Sold out". I suffeered through long enough to actually order 4 roses then gave up and placed my order. Maybe about midnight it will work?

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I was just now able to order. Blush Hip, Mary Rose, Graham Thomas and St. Cecelia.

Pretty Jess was still available as of a few minutes ago.

Now, before someone tells me I can't grow GT in zone 5, I think I might be able to in a sheltered location. For 9 bucks I am willing to try.

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The site seems to be working ok today. Even their 800 number wasnt working late in the afternoon. They had a recording saying if you heard the message they were closed, but it was far from closing time.......

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mgleason56(Michigan 5b)

I had trouble this morning, and then gave up and just called in my order. Got Sunita, Safari, Ink Spots, Lagerfeld and Tom Brown.

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Mine went through ok just now online. I ordered Tamora and Pretty Jessica. I've now ordered 6 roses from them in 3 weeks! YIKES. I'm still waiting on Gentle Hermione (which has sold out now) and Happy Child......Already potted B. Britten and Glamis Castle..........

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They are processing orders quickly. I just received confirmation of m order.

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Is the sale over? I went on earlier and the roses were regular price..

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No, I think it's good through Sunday.......

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NaturalChick- yes, I went on and put a couple of roses in my cart and they were regular price too-

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I ordered Lady Jane Grey, Sunny Abdunance and Lile De Gerlache

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C Schaffner

I HAD to get on here and see this post. Now I have 3 more minis I have to sneek into my garden.

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Well, I went on the site today and they are still advertising the half off sale through tomw the 17th. Strange.

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seil zone 6b MI

Today's the last day and I keep going back and looking. We are in the market for a new climber and they have several that I like. Maybe it's a good thing I can't decide. They'll have them next year and there will be another sale so I'm going to just wait for now. It's way to hot to be planting now anyway and after moving 60 some roses I'm pretty over digging holes for roses this year!

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Tessiess, SoCal Inland, 9b, 1272' elev

Okay so I didn't actually *need* any more roses.;) But that didn't stop me from ordering. Figured I've ordered from multiple vendors this year, and I really ought to support Heirloom, as they've always sent me wonderful plants in the past, and I want them to stay in business. Also I really like their firm and vocal stance on rose mosaic virus.

In addition, I've bought some really big plants already this year. First from Antique Rose Emporium. That has meant digging fairly large holes. Then I have been getting LOTS (like yikes maybe 30 or so) from Eurodesert, and those plants are enormous, which means digging even larger holes still. So the idea of getting bands where I wouldn't have to expend that much effort in the planting has a fair amount of appeal. Plus one of my flower beds hasn't cooperated as expected--as in the flowers haven't died back as I assumed they would, and they are so pretty I don't want to disturb them with digging giant holes to put in roses, so that means I just have to get smaller roses, which can go in without losing the other plants. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!;)

I ordered:

Stanwell Perpetual (okay so I already have SP, but you can never have too many of this wonderful plant with its elegant, fragrant flowers!)

Irish Hope (looks like a pretty, lemony white on HMF)

Paul's Himalayan Musk (I have a 50 to 60 foot tree in the backyard that I think would look great with this rose cascading out of it, and PHM is known as a tree-eating, house-eating rose, well here's its chance!)

Happy Child (I'm a sucker for David Austin's and this one is so cheerful looking....)


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I noticed today that now that the sale is over some sold out roses are back in stock now! :(

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john_ca(CA US9/SSZ14)

After reading the beginning of this thread on July 13th, I looked and saw a good number of interest to me. I placed an order for the following on July 13th:

Apricot Impressionist�
Celtic Pride�
Ginger Syllabub
Irish Hope�
Lady Jane Grey�
Thornbury Castle�
Happy Child
Mary Webb�
Heavenly Rosalind�

I received an immediate automatic response that my ordered had been received and that in a short time, after the staff had reviewed my order, I would receive an email stating what would be shipped and when. I never received the promised email, but funds for all the roses were removed from my bank account several days ago. I contacted them today and was told that the roses were shipped yesterday and that all would be arriving within 7 business days. Since the shipping charge was $56, I was surprised that it would take that long for them to arrive, as the distance is not really that far.

I was able to visit them around a month ago (very few blooms in early June)and they have quite an extensive display garden to maintain. They seemed to be nice people, and I only wish I could have visited when there was more to see. The climber, The Impressionist, was in full bloom and was quite spectaqcular. I also saw this rose in bloom at the Washington Park Rose Garden in Portland and it was spectacular there as well and one of a very few plants in bloom.

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I've never received any e-mail confirmation that any of my orders were shipped, but they do seem to arrive fairly quickly (the next week). The only time I really had to wait was this spring when I ordered some minis....

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