Thuja Green Giants Are Stressed

RastaLinusAugust 23, 2013

We had a rather hot July and August here in Northeast Texas and I'm finding that I did not water my Green Giants adequately. I've got a little over 30 that are in the ground and are coming up on 2 years old. I noticed the first one that was showing stress and I jumped on the watering about 2 weeks ago, but the rest started to show stress also despite the watering. I've heard before that a tree shows stress from what happened about 4 weeks prior and I'm hoping I caught it in time. I had a few trees last year that got really poor looking only having just a little green left on them, but yet they pulled through our horrible summer and thrived. All my trees still have green close to the trunk, but the tips are what turning colors on me. I'm looking for reassurance that my trees that I have spent countless hours watering and weeding are going to be OK. Thanks for any input!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

I'm looking for reassurance that my trees ... are going to be OK.

==>>> no such luck.. only time will tell ...

if you avoided root damage.. which you will never know .... then a little browning isnt going to make a difference ... in the next 50 years ...


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