Post your three best combo pics of this season

miclino(5)October 18, 2011

You can only post three and they have to be combinations of any kind of plants not closeups. Would be nice to get some ideas from all you experts and lift the gloom of impending winter. I will start with mine, although my garden is really still in very early stages.

Bulbs in spring

By miclino at 2011-10-17

Forever and ever hydrangea and coleus with a snow fairy caryopteris newly planted nearby

By miclino at 2011-10-17

Various coneflowers with weigela in background along with sedum purple emperor (gets 2 feet tall eventually) and rudbeckia (now replaced with helenium). Hydrangea VS in background.

By miclino at 2011-10-17

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Love your combos, especially the middle one - Wow!

I've done this combo all over my yard this year, the yellow coleus with purple Persian shield (Strobilanthes dyerianus) and raspberry flowers. Vincas in this bed, zinnias in others.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

Nice! Wow, your guys have some tidy beds. Certainly puts me to shame, lol!

An unknown light yellow Iris with dark leafed Actaea simplex 'Atropurpurea'

Not really a 'dazzler' kind of combo, but I at least was struck by this unplanned duo. Variegated foliage of 'Nora Leigh' Phlox and a red Dianthus (likely 'Scarlet Beauty'):

Here is one from July that I liked a lot. Salvia 'Caradonna', double flowering Campanula persicifolia 'La Belle' with 'Sweetness' dianthus. It turned even nicer a little later on when that greenish Nicotiana in the pot grew more. It looked great with that periwinkle sort of blue of the campanula...:

And I know this makes four pics (AND this is a close-up), but this is my fav!


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CMK, your Scarlet Beauty is my type of plant. Is it perennial ?. Does the campanula La Belle need staking??

Echinops , Heliopsis Asahi, Echinacea Razzamataz and daylily What Nerve!

Helenium Rubinzwerg, Helenium Feuersiegel and Helianthus Loddon Gold

I could not decide what should be #3 so you can choose yourself between the 2 next(heleniums, phloxes, aconitums, helianthus):

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Cmk love the phlox dianthus combo. Wieslaw, as usual your pics are a wonderful riot of colors. Third one is my favorite.

The rules are three pics only people!!!!!

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northerngirl_mi(Z5 MI)

We should really all try to take combo photos next season... Only had a few to choose from...

First photo

Love the japanese maple with the orange asiatic lily and heliopsis; and the annabelle hydranga, nicotiana Only the Lonely, with the pop of color of daylily, asiatic lilies, heliopsis.

Photo 2

Further down the same bed, another japanese maple, anabelle, shasta daisy Becky, geranium rozanne, daylily, asiatic lily, Only the Lonely, and heliopsis.

Photo 3

Mix of perennials and annuals in front porch pot - love the heuchera with the yellow pansy. Hosta and sweet alyssum fill it out.

wieslaw59 - love your photos - our gardening styles are similar - overflowing, joyful beds of flowers!

Z5 Northern Michigan

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

-wieslaw, the Dianthus is perennial. I've found this cultivar to be much more vigorous than other barbatus type Dianthus I have tried. Too bad there is such a distance between us, or I would gladly have sent you seeds ;-) Surprisingly, the 'La Belle' Campanula stays fairly upright. It doesn't set seed, but slowly spreads. I divide the clumps of it around my garden every couple of years to keep them healthy and robust. Your garden is soooo colorful and spectacular! I also love that third pic. The thread you posted a month or so ago convinced me that I didn't have enough Helenium. I was able to score a nice looking pot of 'Rubenzwerg' on the sale rack a couple weeks back. What is the red Helenium in the second to last picture, in the lower left hand corner?? Is that another 'Rubenzwerg' or another variety? Lovely.

-miclino, sorry about the fourth pic. Hopefully everyone else will be better behaved than I was and only post the three pic limit! ;-) By the way, thanks for starting this post- it is so much fun!!

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north53 Z1b MB(zone 1b Canada)

I'm enjoying this thread and your lovely garden pictures.
Here's my three:

I like how the tanacetum compliments whatever it grows near. I planted the Firestorm daylily in front of the heliopsis for the hot colour contrast.

Here's a more peaceful combo in one of my shade beds. It will need to be modified as it is already too crowded, but I liked it this year.

I picked this one because it was showing the last blooms in the perennial bed; anise hyssop and phlox with monkshood in the background.

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Beth, orange and white make a great combo in my opinion.

Have not tried tanacetum. Will have to look into it now.

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CMK, the red Helenium was bought with a name Indianersommer. It is a warmer red without the bluish or brownish tint. Flowers fade to orangish tawny as they age(I hope I chose the proper name for the colour -I have problems with English names for broken colours)

Northerngirl, I agree with you. Our flower beds are similar.

Miclino, thanks for the comment. Sorry I've cheated .

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squirejohn zone4 VT

Siberian Iris Super Ego & Pony Cythera. This is only the second year for both and hoping they will fill in more in a few years.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

-Beth, a lot of nice colors going on in your beds ;-) That Nicotiana is pretty. I recently got seeds of 'OTL' and am excited to try them out next year, especially as I hear this one has a nice scent.

-north, I am really taken with that last pic. Usually I go for more contrasting color combos in the garden, but I find that phlox/aconitum/agastache pairing wonderfully vibrant and refreshing!

-miclino, if you want seeds of the Tanacetum/Feverfew next year let me know. It reseeds everywhere here- usually I end up pulling a couple buckets full of it in the spring! It is a nice filler plant though...

-squirejohn, what a wonderful woodland setting!! Between that and the lovely fall foliage you showed on the other forum I REALLY want to take a tour!!

-wieslaw, thanks for the info. Tawny sounds like the perfect word to describe it ;-)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Love everyone's pics so much!

Found the other pic I was looking for. This is on the other side of the fence as the other pic. Both areas were grass until the first week of May.

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

Enjoying all the pics! :0)

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Love seeing everyone's beautiful photos.

Although trees/shrub and not a perennial combo, this combination was gorgeous in person. Sincalycalycanthus 'Hartlage Wine', Fringe Tree and Japanese Maple.

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Great pics thyme. What is the blue flower in the first pic? Tree/shrub combo pics are welcome too. I'm looking forward to some great combinations with cotinus royal smoke. Got it only after I read the thread about coppicing. Otherwise it would be too big for me.

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For people interested in colour combinations, check the link below. WARNING! Not for the timid ones! Not for people afraid of strong colours! It can leave you in the state of shock.

Just click on the button Nachstes Bild

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden of Hartmut Rieger, Germany

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squirejohn zone4 VT

Christinmk - Thanks for the compliment, however since the peonies and iris in the photo only lasted a few days the combination was short lived. My favorite combination photo of hosta Sum & Substance, Astilbe and Ligularia was taken when the light was just right.

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miclino(5) weren't kidding. Stunning colors. Interesting to think that you hardly ever see people use yard space like that in the US. Mostly its lawn space with garden beds spread around it. Do you leave pathways between the plants when you garden?

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miclino ,I have only pathways between the various flower beds. Here is a view from the first floor.

There is also a pathway behind the big bed in the background.You can see a piece of it here, behind the tall helianthus and the monarda.

There is also a pathway to the chicken house and the green house here:

I'm standing at the coop when I'm taking this picture:

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

Hi everyone, I am inspired by your pictures! My 3 pics are part of 1 large combo, all perennial here. They are ordinary flowers that outperformed in an extraordinary way during the hottest, driest summer in recent memory.

7/6/11 #1: Echinacea purpurea (tall wildflower & shorter 'Magnus') & Ruellia brittoniana (2 different sizes in pink).

6/8/11 #2: Echie wildflower & a young Princess Diana clematis (a texensis hybrid so it is used to Texas size heat).

10/23/11 #3: R. brittoniana dwarf KatieâÂÂs pink & Cuphea hyssopifolia Mexican heather, which have both been blooming since June and are still going strong. Echies are finished by now.

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prairie_love(z3/4 ND)

My favorite this year was my circular bed in the front driveway in spring.

This is the same bed but from further back so you can see the entire bed.

Dianthus, cerastium, Husker Red foliage emerging, various irises, alliums, early May Night salvia blooms.

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Canterbury bells, veronica, with pinkish chives showing in background

Lavender, geranium Rozanne, and green sedum in background

Butterfly weed, Stella d'Oro daylily, larkspur and drumstick allium

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franeli(z4 NH)

I have enjoyed looking at all of these photos!
Here are three of mine:

Veronica 'eveline',violas and Stachys'new century'

white thyme,Geranium 'biokovo',and Sedum cauticola

Veronica'white icicle' and Ageratum 'blue horizon'

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Prairie love, is it Allium Purple Sensation that is blooming in your circular bed?

Mantis, I'm just so jealous of your Asclepias tuberosa. I just can't keep this plant alive through the winter.

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Some great pics posted. Love the circular bed in the driveway. Also the pic of the Asclepias. I lost one already but plan to try again next year.

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prairie_love(z3/4 ND)

wieslaw - yes

miclino - thank you

there are so many gorgeous photos in this thread - we need to reactivate it toward the end of winter so we can all plan for next spring.

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The key to growing the asclepias is well-drained soil. That said, it is a common weed here along the roadside; so it's not all that particular. When I moved here, it was a delight to see this native.

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Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures! I am getting ready to do some fall planting and this has me inspired.

to North53-could you tell me the names of the plants in your shade picture? Is that an ostrich fern in the right hand corner? What is the lovely yellow spiky flower?

It is so hot here that I have planted trees everywhere so I dont have a lot of direct sun. You shouldnt complain about shade when it is over 100 degrees for three months but..I am always looking for new ferns, plants etc.

Thank you so much.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

My goodness, everyone has such a neat garden! What's up with that? Even the wild ones are neat! Thank goodness I didn't take any photos because I wouldn't post them anyway, lol. My gardens are way too messy.

What wonderful photos! Even though I have a new-found appreciation for hot, bold colors, my heart still belongs to those pink/purple combos. I especially loved christinmk's salvia/campanula combo (gorgeous!), all of mantis' and franeli's pics, and for something a little different (for me!) thyme2dig's daylily and rudbeckia combo - love the way the rudbeckias pick up the yellow throat of the daylilies.

Wow, thanks for sharing everyone. Prairie Love is right - we will need to resurrect this thread in about three months for inspiration!


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marquest(z5 PA)

Asiatic Lily, Barberry, Bishop Weed ground cover

Daylily Feverfew

Oriental Lily and Canna Bengal Tiger

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north53 Z1b MB(zone 1b Canada)

Teakettle, Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. I was away for a few days.
Anyway, here's the picture again with the ID's below.

The tall yellow flower is Ligularia przewalskii. To the right is an astilbe, with Regal Splendor hosta in front along with Lady's Mantle and a new brunnera. Yes the fern is the common ostrich fern. I give lots of it away every year.

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