Compost Day

piranhafemDecember 29, 2010

Today I finally felt up to some manual labor, so it was compost day. I harvested 3 wheelbarrows full of well composted mulch from the tumbler, which I use to finish the compost from my Earth Machine bin. I spread it under some hungry mulberry trees. Then I transferred 2/3 of the commpost-in-progress from the Earth Machine bin into the tumbler to fill it.

I had a bunch of coffee grounds/filters to add, but I have been unhappy with the way the paper filters just don't seem to break down well. I keep finding wadded-up, mostly dry filters in the midst of my otherwise moist and decomposing pile. So I shook most of the coffee out of the filters, then put the big pile of filters in a bucket with rainwater from the rain barrel. I tore them up a little by hand, then attacked them with my immersion blender! It worked beautifully. Poured the slurry on the compost.

Next I raked up the last of the leaves from the nectarine tree and put them in the bin. I picked up a bucket full of little ornamental citrus that had fallen off another tree, and since those also break down slowly if thrown in whole, I attacked them with a shovel, then a hula hoe, to make sure they were banged up a bit before tossing them into the bin.

That was fun, but now I'm sore!


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Glad you got motivated.
Kind of an aside; I also "hang out" in the holiday forum. For a moment, and I'll admit it, a long moment, I thought there was some kind of National Compost Day. Wondering how one would set the table for such a celebration!

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I agree I think pumpkin day/November 1 would be a great day for it in the U.S. and Canada.;-)


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Compost already has a week. I tried telling the boss I should get the week off from work just "because" but he is one of those non-believers!


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Lloyd, I'm thinking there's a civil rights issue here. What kind of bigot is your boss?

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I use one of my photos of my large mounds of screened 'post as my screen saver at work....he already thinks knows I'm nuts so going down that road is not going to get me far!

But on the positive side (of being a whacko), I only have 4 years to go till full retirement and about a year and a half of sick leave credits so who knows??


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