What is the soonest time that a Crape Myrtle can root by cutting

tlbean2004August 12, 2014

I planted some crape myrtles cutting in miracle grow and put them in thick plastic bags in my kitchen. They leaves are still green and there are aphids on the underside of the leaves(i need to wipe them off,lol). I keep the bag only slightly open and it appears very humid inside.

Anyway, it looks like there is some growth coming from the top cut of one of them and it looks like some new leaves might be coming out (hard to tell, they may have been like that when i planted them).

Anyway, i was wondering what is the fastest time in which a crape myrtle can root from cutting?

Im scared to tug on it for fear that if there are roots formed that i will rip them.

I put the cuttngs inside of clear water bottles so i could see what was happening but it is humid around the bottles and hard to tell.

please advise cause i am anxious and excited to have these actually root.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

it will take.. as long as it takes.. in the conditions you provided ...

did you research what type of wood roots [new wood.. year old wood.. or old wood??] ... and what time of year to take cuttings ... or are you completely winging it????

i am surprised you couldnt get a general answer thru google ... though i do understand that you are asking for personal experience ...

lightly tugging will NOT rip off new roots ... besides.. you dont need to pull it completely out... a cutting with no roots will slip right out of the media... stick it right back in ...

if there is resistance... and the media starts to come with it.. you PRESUME roots are forming ...

your media should not be so compacted.. that you rip off roots ...

next time.. you might want to sterilize you media in the microwave ... your container with bleach .... and clean your plants BEFORE enclosing them ... prevention is much easier.. than fixing it all later .... trust me.. been there.. done that...


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