seedless redbuds?

teenamarieAugust 13, 2010

I'm trying to find a tree that I had 5 years ago that I bought as a redbud tree.

It looked exactly like a redbud, but had so seeds. Anyone know what that tree might have been or if there is a seedless redbud tree?

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I thnk the only way you're going to get a redbud that doesn't fruit is to get one that doesn't flower. And of course that would be silly to get a redbud that doesn't flower.

Could it be that the redbud you used to have was very young and not yet reached the age where it produces fruit (seeds)?

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I have found the 'Forest Pansy' cultivar to have a lot fewer seeds (but not "NO" seeds).

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

Not with that genus.


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I've looked for seeds on my Forest Pansy and have never found any.

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arbordave (SE MI)

Cercis chinensis "Don Egolf" is supposed to be seedless (see link).

The patents for "Ace of Hearts", "Cascading Hearts", and "Little Woody" say that fruit is "rarely produced".

Here is a link that might be useful: Don Egolf Redbud

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Has anyone got any tips for rooting cuttings of Forest Pansy?

I *love* that tree!

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arbordave (SE MI)

I've heard that redbuds in general are very difficult to root from cuttings (maybe others have experience and can comment on rooting "Forest Pansy"?). See info below for more about the origin & seeds on "Forest Pansy" -

(From "Breeding Efforts in Cercis at North Carolina State University" by Dennis J. Werner, 2002): "'Forest Pansy' Â An interesting purpleÂleaf cultivar with deep purple flowers... according to Hubert Conlon, an extension specialist at the University of Tennessee, it originally was discovered in 1947 as a chance seedling at the former Forest Nursery in McMinnville, TN ... It is beautiful in bloom, and stunning as the intense purple foliage emerges in early spring. The intense purple color gradually fades as temperature increases during the growing season, such that in late June to early July the color has faded to a dull bronze ... Mr. Conlan also relates that 'Forest Pansy' is less cold hardy than other redbud cultivars. My observations of 'Forest Pansy' suggest that it is a shy producer of fruit, although this may simply be a function of the lack of adequate crossÂpollination on trees I have observed. We have used 'Forest Pansy' in hybridizations with other cultivars, and find that it is a poor pollen producer, thus somewhat challenging to use as a male parent"

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My guess is that it wasn't mature enough to produce seeds. My Mom's redbud didn't produce seeds for at least 5 years when we got it.

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