What type of Maple Tree are these?

Sharpie123August 5, 2011

I have two different Maples growing. I'm interested in finding out what kind of Maples they are. Any help would be appreciated.

Maple #1:

Maple #2:

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It would help to know: a) where are you located, and b) did these spring up wild or did you get the seeds from somewhere.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

also .. if i were going to rely on heritage freebie seedlings..

i would go shopping in fall ... and pick the most brilliant colored ones i could find ...

not just any maple is worth the effort ... just because it is free ..

dad got me a brilliant peachy colored one once.. i gave it to the neighbor.. who planted it 50 feet from my yard..

i gave it away because i garden under trees.. and maples are the most hated tree to live under .. and garden .. IMHO ..

surface roots.. water stealers.. helicopters.. what a nightmare ... the best maples are in other peoples yards.. lol ...


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I would guess that they are Acer rubrum, or Red/Soft Maple. The 2nd pic def. looks like a rubrum.

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I live in southeastern Wisconsin. Also, both maples actually began growing in my parents gutters, so they are wild.

My parents have two maples in their yard, both planted by the city. I do not have enough knowledge to tell what kind of maples they are either, but the leaves don't look the same as these.

If it is a Red/Soft maple, is this a good tree to transplant into my yard? I have a lot of room (live in the city with a 1/2 acre lot though) that gets plenty of sunlight. The soil around here is mostly clay with a bit of top soil (go figure).

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Maples can be hussies and if the blooming period overlaps any other maple will gladly have clandestine relations. LOL. Some hybrids can be lovely enough to keep and enjoy and nicer than a named cultivar.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

Looks like Red maple to me but sometimes red-silver maple can look like red maple. Not a bad maple over all...

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Did some research on Red Maples, and Red Maple mixes. They seem to be good trees for the most part. Anyone else have any opinions on planting this tree? Or experience with planting a similar tree?

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Surface roots can be a problem. Ken obsesses over the fact you can garden (hostas etc) under them very successfully. They are also somewhat weak wooded when it comes to wind/ice storm damage. Not the most drought tolerant, but not a total pansy either.

They get large, have helicopters that kids love to play with in the spring, have nice foliage in the summer, and can be very showy in fall (genetics). I have 2 straight species and a bunch of cultivars planted in my yard. If the above issues in the first paragraph don't bother you, and you have the room, go for it. Or you could give them away :)


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... can !NOT! garden under them ...

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