Rosa "New Dawn"

tennisgnomeJuly 5, 2014

Is rosa "New Dawn" a rambler or climber?

I ask this question as I have just purchased this rose which clearly states on the label and picture card Rambling Rose "New Dawn". However, people tell me it is a climber who is right?

I bought this rose with the intention of growing it as pillar would it matter if it where a climber or rambler to grow in this style.

This rose I purchased from a reliable and trustworthy supplier.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

The link below is to a listing with details on New Dawn along with photos.

The zone you are in might make some difference in size, but more importantly others growing it in similar conditions will have better tips for you

Here is a link that might be useful: HMF link to New Dawn

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catsrose(VA 6)

New Dawn is classed as a Large-Flowered Climber. But she is a monster and a thorny one at that. I certainly wouldn't try it on a pillar. My ideal spot for a New Dawn is along a tall fence in the far back where it can maul burglars and loose dogs.

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bart_2010(8/9 Italy)

I agree with catsrose.

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Where, generally, do you live? That can make a difference re how big a rose gets. However, no matter where you live New Dawn is definitely not a rambler, but a large climber, as catrose says. Out here in sunny CA, it does get huge - not so much really tall, but just really big. I planted 5 (!) of them once on a fence, when I was ignorant. Of course because I had planted so many, they ate the fence, and the path in front of the fence disappeared, and they jumped over the fence and set out to make their fortune... Fairly stiff canes and very thorny, but very good re-bloom all summer.


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New Dawn (10' to 20') is an everblooming sport of Dr, Van Fleet Height of (15' to 20'). As such it is not expected to have the vigor of Dr. Van Fleet.

Over the years it appears that some New Dawns are more like Dr. Van Fleet.

You may want to try Awakening (8' to 14') , a more controllable sport of New Dawn.

The numbers presented are from Help-Me-Find.

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Weeell, I don't know about 'Awakening' being more controllable than 'New Dawn.' Maybe I have an exceptionally vigorous clone, but mine is the proverbial thorny monster. I did what catsrose suggests, and transplanted mine to the back fence line to discourage incursions from neighbors I don't want to know.

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