My Box Elder tree is losing bark

toomuchglass(5)August 10, 2011

I know it's a "junk tree" but it's huge & provides my yard with much needed shade. In the past 2 years , I've noticed more and more Bald patches on the upper trunk where the bark has fallen off. There's about 5 bare spots ranging from about 6" to 12" in diameter.

The wood in the bald spots look fine . We got rid of all our box elder beetles ( thank god ) and I can't see any other bugs. Is my tree sick or is this common ?

Thanks for your replies ~Kathy

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Pics please :)

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What was I thinking ?? I should have posted pics !!
(sorry ) Here's the major bare spots :

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If the tree appears otherwise healthy, it looks like the bark fell off of damaged wood that has calloused and healed (from the beetles or old storm damage?). But I know next to nothing about boxelders in general. I would not be worried, though I would remove the loose bark and show off the callous cause I like that look. That also exposes the tissue to air preventing pooling of water and possible rot issues.


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I had to laugh - I liked the look of the "bald spots" ,too . My hubby kept telling me to quit picking at it . It's healthy except for the spots. Thanks John - I'm on my way to pick off the hanging bark :)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

there was severe damage to the tree.. and its healing over.. MANY years ago ... [where have you been.... lol]

as to whether the damage harmed the structural integrity of the tree.. is left to more pix ..


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Hi Ken ! I loved your reply ! LOL .... That tree was here before I was - I moved into this house 19 years ago and I never saw it going bald. No trauma at all . It's losing bark like my husband is losing hair ( sssshhhh ---don't tell him I said that )
We had a tree service trim it a couple years ago ... they were so good - they knew what to cut and what not to, so it can grow out . It's gotten so many new branches ... it's filling in beyond belief ! It still has those bald spots. I guess it's not hurting the tree after all . I'm glad I asked ... I'm so bad at gardening - I have a black thumb. I was hoping I couldn't kill a TREE !! LOL

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

Toomuchglass, I ditto the views of others, encapsulating an old would.

My point of concern comes from a guy who had a branch of a white ash fall on my driveway a few years back. I should have known better, the tree had lost another branch off the same point before I moved in, encapsulation of that hole was happening but slowly, there was rot.

That is an interesting wound healing up at a branch union none the less. If the tree is out in the yard overhanging nothing I would not worry. If it is overhanging the house I dunno. Have someone look at it.

Best of luck.

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