Sedum falling over from the center- divide it?

mmqchdygg(Z5NH)October 8, 2009

My mother has a sedum- it's not A. Joy, but it's the same overall size, but considerably darker in the bloom. though.

Anyway, she noticed that it was falling over from the center...I thought maybe it was because the neighbor dog might have laid in it, but upon closer inspection, it simply looks like it's overgrown...the center is starting to put out new rosettes, and the old growth is simply laying out like a flattened paper plate.

What needs to be done with this, and if it needs dividing, HOW? Just hack it with a shovel?

Thanks for the help.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

well it is october .... it is tired ...

either just cut the old stalks off for winter.... leaving an inch or two ...

or.. stick a shovel right thru the center.. and halve it.. or quarter it ... you cant kill it if you wanted to ...

and any little brussel sprout that gets loose .. will probably grow if kept in contact with the soil ...

i have one in yellow sand ... full sun.. no water ever .. never fert'd .. and it is still standing.. never flops ...

another get a few less hours sun .. and happens to be mulched .. and it has been flopping since august ... perhaps yours need more sun .. less water.. and no fert .... it need a bit more abuse ...

whatever pleases you is fine with a sedum .. they are all the same ...

good luck


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Thanks; that's what I thought but was looking for a second opinion.
fwiw, the falling over thing started early on- right as it started to come into peak- not just recently.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

My autumn joys are very floppy this year and I plan on dividing them some time before spring. I think division is necessary when they splay out in the middle. And mine get no shade or excess water.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Cutting them back by half in May really helps keep them from flopping later in the year.

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I agree with buyorsell888. I don't really cut back by half, but mine try to bloom early. Once they start forming the first flower buds I prune it all back just below to next set of leaves. It promotes the plant to start side shoots and when it does flower in fall it is full of flowering tops and no flopping. All the clipping can be used to start new plants after removing forming flowers buds. Just stick in the soil and walk away :)


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i forgot to mention that you could probably run them over with the car to divide them..

and get a couple thousand plants.. lol


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dammit...spewed all over my new monitor...

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I cut mine back in June when they're around 12". I cut about 4" or so off. It seems like the stems get thicker this way and they don't flop. I don't fertilize either. If they're flopping now, it's probably because of that time of year...end of the season. Even my sturdy ones are leaning now. Cutting them back is a great way to get new plants.


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I just love sedum and they have done really well this year. I have never had a problem with flopping but I've always pinched my plants in May. This year I divided the plants. I just took a shovel and cut them in half. They looked pretty ratty at first but recovered quickly.

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