Best time to prune Sour Cherry?

kevingalaxyAugust 5, 2013

Can someone please advise when is the best time to prune a Sour cherry tree? I know it will probably be easier when its leaves have gone but I would like to do it now? Any thoughts? Thanks.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

a fruit production tree... or an ornamental????

if fruit i would suggest you ask the fruit forum.. they sometimes do things differently than tree peeps ... for production sake.. rather than aesthetic ...

i prune everything.. when it pisses me off.. and i happen to walk by with a saw or clippers... lol ...

i just went after a flowering cherry because it knocked off my hat.. and almost my glasses on the riding lawnmower ... and i did not care about a precise proper time.. its time had come.. but then.. its not fruit producing.. so that was not a variable in my equation of discipline... the cutting burned rather nicely ... lol..


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Ken, I like your style. LOL its just for aesthetics but too be honest the fruit is very annoying but dont have the heart to cut it down.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


soooo.. if you prune it at the wrong moment.. and you miss it setting fruit next season.. who cares .. eh??

i used to be with you.. on i got to save everything in the world for mother earth .. sorry.. that ship sailed along time ago ...

if it annoys me.. its gone ... not soon after.. to be replaced with something of year around interest that does NOT annoy me ...

net loss to mother earth .. ZERO ... that which i took.. i replaced ...

get over it.. and get rid of it ... there are too many really cool things that are better ...

cut it flush to the ground.. treat the stump.. and figure out what to plant a few feet over.. where you can dig a new hole ....


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For best results you prune stone fruit (peaches, plums, cherries, etc.) when actively growing. That means the spring when the sap starts. This time is not bad, but less than ideal. If you want the best result, prune in Mar-May time. That said, it will probably not hurt to prune it now, but I would wait until you have a few days of dry weather first.

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