Infected leaves

brickmanAugust 5, 2013

Hi Guys & Gals. Its been a while since I posted on here but I am having trouble finding the cause of this infection on my trees it seems to be more prevalent on the younger ones, its bad on my cherry and apple trees but extremely bad on this one in the picture ( I think it is some type of ash variety if I remember right but I could easily be wrong) here is pic.It also seems to be spreading to the maples and red oak but to a lesser degree. I don't know what it is or how to treat it . Any Ideas ? Thanks. Here is a pic

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I am in no way an expert but I had something that looks the same on my cherry trees. I believe it is some kind of fungus called yellow spot. You can get some chemicals from your local hardware store that you just dilute with water and apply to the base. That worked for us. Good luck.

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I think your right It might be some type of fungus to but the pics that I have found of yellow spot dont seem to match whats happening to these, it started in the spring and has gotten steadily worse the new trees that i planted start getting it in about a months time after planting I am going to see if i can get better pics of yellow spot to compare with. Thanks

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First, there are very few diseases that spread unilaterally from tree to tree or plant to plant so it is highly unlikely that your trees are all suffering from the same ailment........Unless of course it is a cultural issue.

Second, it is not a great idea to attempt treatment on something without knowing exactly (and I do mean exactly) what the problem is.

Unfortunately, your photo is not clear enough to determine exactly what the problem is with the tree indicated. When was it planted? How was it planted? How is it being watered? What is the soil like? If it is a disease (and I'm not convinced it isn't something amiss with the growing conditions or a cultural issue), then taking samples of the problem and photos to your local extension office will get you an accurate diagnosis and recommended treatment options.

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