stump removal chemical?

daylily_dreamerAugust 10, 2010

I'm not sure that this is where I should be posting, but here goes. My mother is interested in buying from Burgess Seed Company a stump removal kit. It says that you place it on the stump and it "chemically burns" the stump away down to the root tips. Does anyone have an opinion on this stuff??? Thanks and my 86 year old mother thanks you!


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


it would sure help if they gave any clue what it was ... link below ...

down the posts a few.. is a post titled: removing dead trunks

wherein i stated the following:

if you dont want to spend the money on grinding ....

i was once told... that for wood to rot it needs 2 things.. water.. and nitrogen ...

cut them flush to the ground ....

drill some holes in it ...

put some 49-0-0 in the holes..

and keep them damp .. in a year or two.. they will start rotting significantly ... if not sooner.. depending on your soil .... in my dry sand.. i can have stumps for a decade or longer.. but i cant get water on them very often ....


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

My opinion is that it distributes a lot of nasty chemicals into the soil and I don't consume such products because of this fact.


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quick question about stumps. I've never worked on one. Let's assume I have one that has 2ft in diameter. Can we use axe and shovel? Or are stumps really hard? I know it's a lot of work but it will work right?

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Used this chemical in wet ground for 4 years. Showed no appreciable decomposition. Got fed up with it so I paid $60 to a guy to come grind out those 3-1 foot diameter stumps and other 3-8" stumps. Grinding was definitely the way to go for me. Wish I didn't wait 4 years.

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My neighbor drills holes or chops gashes in the top of the trunk & pours a 5 or 10 lb bag of sugar over the stump & waters it in & keeps it dampish.

Microbes eat the sugar & then reproduce & eat the stump.

Sugar is easy to find, cheap, & non-poisonous.

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Thanks so much! Just called her with all your comments. She said she never figured the time that the chemical burn might take. I have a feeling she will be asking my husband to be bringing over his drill real soon!

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All that stuff is is overpriced high nitrogen fertilizer. The sugar suggestion is pretty good. You can add a bit of your own fertilizer to the mix, too, to speed it up.

The most important thing would probably be keeping it moist all the time. Maybe cover it up with some mulch and water it a lot, and it will break down faster.

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