Help! Newly patched area doesn't match

applegbtSeptember 16, 2011

I just had an irrigation system installed and took it upon myself to patch the damage that was done by the pipe laying process. The good news is that the grass came in nice and fast. The bad doesn't match.

My lawn is primarily turf type tall fescue. I made the mistake of buying the Pennington Contractor's Mix for my area (SW Ohio) without looking at the actual seed types that were included. The newly patched area using this seed produced grass that is a much lighter shade of green and is growing MUCH faster than the old lawn. Since using that bag I switched to using a tall fescue blend for the remainder of the lawn and it matches perfectly. But the areas that I patched with the contractors mix look terrible due to the higher grass height combined with the lighter color. I suppose there is nothing I can do but kill it off and re-seed, but before going down that path I thought it would be nice to get other opinions.

Any thoughts?

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Here is a link to a photo of what it looks like. You can see the color difference, but what doesn't come across in the photo is that the grass blades are a good 2 inches taller in some areas.

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jordanz(8A (Mojave Desert))

Just give it time. For fesue, it's totally normal to grow super fast when first seeded, then it slows down. When I seeded my lawn, the new seeds are a bright green. After a few months it tones much down to a normal darker green. It'll match by winter I'm sure.

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