Spreader Settings for Lesco Fertilizer

ron2003(Chicago)September 22, 2006


I purchased Lesco Professional Starter Fertilzer (18-24-12) yesterday. I have Scotts Speedy Green 2000 Broadcast spreader but the Lesco product provides spreader settings for only the SCOTTS R8A Rotary spreader.

Does anyone know how can I figure out what setting I should use with the Scotts Speedy Green 2000 Spreader to apply the Lesco fertilizer.

I also purchased 50/50 Quality Turfgrass seed from Lesco and it says that I should apply the starter fertilizer prior to the seed. In the past I have applied the starter fertilizer after seeding. Does anyone know if the order of applying seeds/fertilizer matters. I plan to use the broadcast spreader for overseeding as well since I just aerated my lawn a couple days back.

One final question. I have a lot of weeds in my lawn (dandelions and others that I don't recognize). I mowed my lawn with the lowest setting on the lawn mower prior to aerating. Will the existence of the weeds have an adverse impact on germination of the new seeds? I'm hoping that once the seeds germinate and the grass starts growing it will eventually crowd out at least some of the weeds and I can use a weed killer next summer to take care of the rest. Any comments on that?

By the way I'm in the Chicagoland area.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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From Lesco website

For 18-24-12 %50 PPSCU

Product Application Rate:
*LBS PER 1000 SQFT 4
* 12000
Craftsman 3
Craftsman Drop 7
Cyclone 4.25
Earthway 14.25
Lely 4.5
LESCO R-94 7.5
LESCO Rotary (80# & 100#) 15
Ortho 3
Precision 6
Red Devil 6
Republic 3
Scott's Accu Green 7.25
Scott's Easy Green 26.25
Scott's R7- X F.5
Scott's R8-A J.5
Scott's Speedy Green 1000 6
Scott's Speedy Green 2000 7
Scott's Speedy Green 3000 6
Spyker 4.5
True Temper 1500 \ 5000 5.5
Vicon 28

by the way I used this same fertilizer with my Scott's Standard broadcast spreader set at six and I used just shy of half the 50 LBS bag on my 5800 SQ.FT. property so I would say these settings are pretty good.

One thing I would do differently is wait till after germination to put the fertilizer down. I had a complete renovation on the front and overseeded the back, the grass in the back grew like crazy after I put the fertilizer down.

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the settings are on their web site under spreader settings. then you need to select the product you have. every spreader made is listed there, including the 2000.

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Dantis and Spark480,

Thanks for your quick responses!! I did visit both Lesco and Scotts websites prior to posting and actually did click on the Spreader Settings Link on the Lesco website. I think I may have just tried searching on the Item Number which didn't work at that time.

Anyways thanks again!


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What about the new scott's spreader, deluxe w/ edge guard?

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