Hibiscus moscheutos 'Party Favor'

garry_z7a_mdOctober 2, 2011

Is anyone growing this variety? It's a new one...only out a year or two. Pink flower with dark red eye and red stems, and is supposed to have a much longer bloom period than other Hibiscus moscheutos cultivars. Wondering how it's performed for others. Also wondering how it compares to 'Lady Baltimore'.

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

Is this in the same series as "Brandy Punch"? No idea what is giving me that idea, but I must have gotten that notion somewhere. Anyway, if it is, I can say I am thrilled with Brandy Punch - excellent performer. Bloomed early August into mid-September this year. Fabulous color, and I enjoy the bit of reddish tinge in the foliage (it's not *that* pronounced, but it's there). I pinch all my hibiscus multiple times through the late spring/early summery for bushier plants and heavier blooming, and this one definitely needs it - based on growth habit of mine, I can see where it would be a two-stem wonder without pinching, so that may be a drawback if you're not one to keep up with pinching.

If it's not in the same series, disregard the above...unless of course it entices you to run out and buy "Brandy Punch" :0b

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

Nope, I'm a dope - looked it up after I posted, and the two aren't in the same series. Sorry about that. Well, if you ever stumble upon Brandy Punch in your travels, just remember she's a good one :0)

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