moving an autumn clematis

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5October 3, 2011

adrian MI.. z5.. just south of ann arbor ...

4 years later.. free range seedlings bloomed true from seed .. it is deciduous here ...

now two need to be moved ...

cant say i ever moved a clematis ...

when would you move it.. just after leaf fall in a couple weeks...

or next spring.. just after ground thaw in z5

in my sand.. it will be bare root.. no matter what i do ....


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Dig it up, throw it on the driveway and give it a little water once in a while if you remember. Ha.

I have autumn clematis (not the native, which probably isn't hardy where you are anyway but the invasive Asian sweet autumn clematis), and I have trouble killing it when it goes to seed everywhere and comes up in all the beds and gardens. I have actually moved one or two and planted them in a different spot (must have been a day when I went temporarily insane) and have not had a problem keeping them alive. I put them next to an arbor, seedlings 2" tall this spring, and they got to seven feet and bloomed this August. Next year they should cover the whole arbor.

I just dug them up and replanted where I wanted them and I think I might have watered them once. Maybe twice this summer in the drought.

Clematis paniculata (aka terniflora) is not as fussy about being moved as the big-flowered cultivated varieties, is what I'm saying. If they are older plants, the root systems may be pretty deep.

It does smell wonderful in August/September when it blooms, and the white frothy flowers are spectacular. I do love it in spite of it's bad boy habits.

I've spent this week cutting it back before it sets seeds, trying to stay ahead of its tendency to take over the world.

If you have trouble transplanting it, I can send you a couple thousand seedlings.

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I love my SAC. It provides long lasting colour in a shady area of my garden. (I think the shady location keeps this plant in check). Here is a picture of it taken about a month ago.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

in 10 years.. 2 seedlings.. the seeds must not like winter in z5 ...

below is a pic of momma ... it was labeled as paniculata .... makes the pic above look like a babe.. lol ... thats my full size dodge pickup behind the fence ... and that is one plant ... full sun.. and i would say 8 feet on each side of the fence ...

since i have two.. i will move one now.. and one in spring.. and see what if any difference it makes.. wait.. i just realized i have three ... check out the other pic


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wren-garden(zone 5b/6)

I dug and gave away my 5 year old Sweet Autumn Clematis. Unfortunately the person I gave it to was not ready to plant it when planned. She never did get it in the ground. It lived in a large plastic trug for the summer then died in our long winter. Two years later I found a seedling hidden behind a large rose 4' away from the original home of the now dead SAC. I had to leave it for another year until a new bed was dug. I lifted it in the spring when it was up with 2'vines. It was difficult because it had grown in ground that was covered with river rock used as drainage for the rain drip off a porch roof. So it did not get a nice tidy root ball lifted. It lost roots and all it's soil. It was planted and babied all summer with special watering. It was wilted for a while and I thought it was a goner. Came back slowly but still bloomed it's first Fall in the new location. I expect it to go wild next year. I discovered one more seedling in full shade, again 4' away from mamma's spot, but in the opposite direction. I did not have the problem of seedlings everywhere.They are tough, go ahead and move it.I did mine in early spring. I can't speak about doing it now.

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SAC really is invasive here in SW Missouri. You can drive down the highway and literally see acres of woods, tall trees smothered with blankets of white blooms. Like Kudzu further south. Worse than Japanese honeysuckle. I fight it all the time in my gardens. You are fortunate indeed to not have it seed everywhere.

Beautiful picture, Ken. Mine that I allow to grow looks like that also. But I cut it back to the ground every year before the seeds get ripe. I also have it growing up a dogwood, pretty there too. Smells like cinnamon, or maybe cardamom to me when it blooms.

Rouge, How pretty with the pink clematis. Lovely photo. I have had purple morning glories blooming with mine, that is a nice combination too.


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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Am I the only one that has problems keep SAC alive? I've inadvertently killed several over the years either moving them or just disturbing the roots. And I have never had a seedling. Had to move a small one last fall and potted it up for the winter but it did not grow this year. I am keeping the pot. Maybe it will come next year. I miss the late bloom and fragrance.

The eighty some other clematis I have are all doing well.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I don't think moving it now will be a problem. The new growth should be hardened off and with a good watering in it probably won't even wilt.

If it dies I can send you a couple of the dozens that have seeded out throughout my lawn. There used to be a plant next door which was removed.... the seedlings remain. I'd love to keep a couple and let them grow, but it's so invasive I'd hate to see them seeding out all over the neighborhood.

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