Best time to transplant Geranium sanguineum

dorry2November 12, 2006

I have several mounds of these geraniums and I want to transplant them. Is fall a good time for this perennial? I know many fall is a good time for transplanting most plants.

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john_4b(z4b WI)

I would move them in the spring here. It is getting pretty late in the fall now for newly transplanted perennials to re-establish before the winter sets in and the ground freezes. If you have several to move, try moving one now and leave the rest until spring, just in case.

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I planted out a couple of small edge divisions, received in a trade, in October of 2004. They have flourished, and become a giant clump, which I will divide again next fall. I'll try to do it earlier than October, however, just to be safe. The transplants rooted very quickly.

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In zone 7, you are safe to transplant as late in fall as the soil is workable. Soils in zone 7 don't freeze to any significant extent - couple of inches maybe and then only if a prolonged cold spell, usually occurring much later in the season. Roots will remain quite active until soil temps drop below 40F and hardy geraniums are very forgiving and root easily. Mulch if you feel the need.

In zones 7 and above, one does not really need to be scared of winter gardening. I am a bit milder to be sure, but I plant and transplant all winter as long as the weather is the slightest bit agreeable.

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nancyd(5/Rochester, NY)

IF you can dig out the entire root ball with little disturbance, you can move them now. It's fairly easy to do with this plant. If you're unsure, then wait until spring.

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