Butterfly bush- can it be garaged?

ellenr22November 10, 2006

I have never over-wintered a potted one, mine are all in the ground. My father has put his potted butterfly bush in the garage for the winter. Does it need to be watered over the winter?

Also, there is no light, is that a problem?



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diggerdee zone 6 CT

I've never overwintered a butterfly bush in the garage, but I'm about to try! I have a potted one that I never got around to planting, so into the garage it will go.

I have, however, overwintered many, many things in the garage. It would seem to me it is a bit early to have it inside already. Here in CT we are still having temps in the 60s and 50s. You want to make sure the bush is fully dormant before bringing it in, or the warmer temps inside may make it put out new (weak) growth.

Also, the dark should be no problem. I actually cover my two garage windows after I bring all my pots in. The darkness helps the plant stay dormant.

Make sure it is well watered up to the time you bring it in. (Depending on your local temps, I would really consider bringing it back outside for another few weeks). Then around mid- to late January, go in and give it some water, or throw a shovel-full of snow on the pot. Depending on how late you bring the pot out, you may need to check for water one more time, but I always forget to do it a second time, and the majority of my stuff does well anyway.

Good luck!

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nancyd(5/Rochester, NY)

I've never overwintered one either in a garage, but I did with a tree rose. I agree, it'll be OK with no light. I wrapped mine totally in burlap and it's common for people to cover certain plants or shrubs over the winter and they do OK. I gave my container a good soak before I moved it into the garage and it rarely needed water - only when it felt dry in the top couple inches so he should check it periodically. I'm not sure how a butterfly bush will react, I guess he'll find out. I agree - keep it outside until the last possible minute. They're not that fragile. Then move it outside as soon as possible in very early spring.

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