Ca. Are you now....

martinca_gwJuly 19, 2014

...cutting back now to reap the rewards in October? . If so, please share methodology, and if not, why? I'm on the verge.
Thanks, marti

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I deadhead throughout the season, which is as much pruning as I do throughout the year. BUT: we in southern California are having this cool thing happen where we have both humidity and no rain, so I have blackspot AND just hanging on for drought.

And Japanese beetles, the little bastards.

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Jap. beetles?? Yikes! They've made their evil way out here? Never seen one since my childhood back east. Have no black spot either, but I've been pretty diligent about hard water spraying. All looking pretty good for July, but expect August will not be particularly pretty. So, I'm thinking I will prune the poorest bloomers and remove all the ugly leaves. I tried this on one or two shrubs a few years ago and had lovely blossoms in October and into December.
Any of you do this yearly?

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Are you sure you don't have fig beetles? I have seen them eat rose blooms?

How big are they? What color are they?

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I've seen Hoplia Beetles and Fuller Rose Weevils here but in the forty-five years I've lived in and around Los Angeles, never have I encountered a Japanese Beetle. Thank heavens! Fortunately, both of the former are fairly cyclical. Some years I seen virtually none, others they are obviously present, but never to the extent Japanese Beetles are elsewhere in the country. I don't do anything about them other than to squash them by fingers. Kim

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