Sizes of 10 gallon and 15 gallon pots

redsox_gwJuly 27, 2009

Sometimes I find pots with measurements instead of gallons listed. Does anyone know the approximate size of 10 gallon and 15 gallon pots? Just trying to compare.

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I have my greenhouse supply catalog sitting right here on my desk and it lists the following measurements, in inches:

10-Gallon 14 1/2 X 14 1/2
10-Gallon, squat 17 1/4 X 12
15-Gallon 17 1/4 X 15 1/4
15-Gallon, squat 19 1/2 X 12
20-Gallon 19 1/2 X 17
20-Gallon, squat 22 1/4 X 13 1/8
25-Gallon 22 1/4 X 18


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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

"10-Gallon 14 1/2 X 14 1/2 "

Wow. I happen to know that actual 5-gallon mud buckets are 14 x 14 inches. I have wondered why people describe using such huge pots. Maybe the answer is that nursery pots are only half as big as they claim to be.

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Thank you, Connie, that is super helpful.

Michael, what is a mud bucket?

Also I am a little confused b/c people tell me to get nothing less than a 24 inch pot but now I see that a 25 gallon pot is actually a lot smaller than that.

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Thanks, Connie, I've always been confused by all the references to 'gallons' since up here, pots are only labeled in inches/centimetres. Now I can use this list as a guide.
I have been unable to find anything bigger than 22" (25 gal) in the stores near my house. I can't even find a half whiskey barrel, just a smaller imitation that they sell in the garden centres. Maybe I just have to start hitting all the distilleries in town and beg for their discards:)

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greenhaven(SW MI z6)

22" pots in the store are not going to be properly corresponded with "gallons." There are formulas (that I don't feel like looking up right this moment) to determine the volume of a cylinder, which, in essence, a pot is. Store pots are wider at the top than at the bottom, thus volume has to be calculated differently. Measure across the TOP of a store pot, then across the BOTTOM and divide by two. Then use that number as your diameter and plug it into the formula to find your volume. My 20" pots are only about 4 gallons, so a 22" store pot is NOT going to be 25 gallons. Typical household trash cans are around 13 gallons.

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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

Even the one gallon pots are not "one gallon". There are trade gallon pots which are smaller than a real gallon pot. I have stacks of one gallon pots and few of them are the same size.

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greenhaven(SW MI z6)

I mean, take both measurements, ADD THEM TOGETHER, then divide by two! Duh!

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Household trash cans are only 13 gallons?? And people are growing in 20 gallon pots? How big can they be? I thought my 24 inch pots were huge.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

If I can repeat my point, mud buckets are 5 actual gallons, but a black nursery pot of approximately the same capacity is sold as a "10 gallon pot." It is just a name rather than a description of the capacity. "Mr. White" may be actually black.

The formula for a cylinder is pi x radius-squared x height. Then ask Google to convert cubic inches to gallons.

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I am growing 7 Austins in 20" plastic containers from Lowes . They seems more than large enough. I believe on the bottom of the pots they were at 44.5L capacity...not sure. I know there are a lot of people that grow roses in 16" pots as well.

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greenhaven(SW MI z6)

Thanks for sharing the formulas, michaelg. I was so dang tired last night, probably shouldn't even have been posting. That first pot that hartwood listed is pretty dang close to 10 gallons, according to the formula. the "squat 10" is almost 12.

redsox, out of curiosity, will you take the measurements I posted? Across the top, across the bottom, and the actual height of your 24" pot.

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Sorry for the delay in posting the size! Lots of rain this week. Actually my pots are only 22", I did not remember the size correctly.

22" wide, 20 " tall and 13" at the bottom.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

I get 21 gallons for redsox. Would need to be double checked.

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

My handy-dandy volume spreadsheet gives about 18 (dry) gallons. (4810.56 cu. in. = 17.90 gal)

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greenhaven(SW MI z6)

mad gallica, tyhat's what I got, too, using the formula. Something is NOT right for my pots, though. I am going to have to go out and measure mine again to find the discrepancy.

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greenhaven(SW MI z6)

I hate math. I measured by big pots again, but mine aren't for permanent, only for growing on when necessary. I measured 14" across the top, 10" across the bottom, and 14" in height. Assuming a radius of six I calculated about 7.3 gallons. I can imagine that being close. The sticker in the pot said capacity was about 1.25 cubic feet, and that conversion to gallons was saying over nine gallons. THAT I don't believe. Of course, I am pretty spatially challenged, too. And stink at math. I am bowing out of this conversation.

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Try this people!

And use 'Volume' tab. Just remember volume measrements involve 3 dimension: width, height & depth.

A 15 gallon pot = 56781 cubic cm. 38cm*38cm*38cm=54872
A 10 gallon pot = 37854 cubic cm. 34cm*34cm*34cm=39304

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