Planting a rose in the same hole another rose was removed from???

Dinglehopp3r z7A. EastTNJuly 19, 2014

I have read in several books and articles that you should not plant a rose in a hole that once held another rose, at least for several years because the roots give off some sort of chemical that will cause the new rose not to prosper in that location?? Also it was said that should you attempt it you should replace all the soil in the surrounding area to prevent contamination? This all seems very extreme to me, have any of you experienced anything like this? I personally do not have enough garden space to just leave big gaps everywhere, or have less than desirable plants filling these places while I wait on the soil to filter these mysterious rose pheromones. It seems like most people on this forum wouldn't jive with that either ...... So, is this claim just bunk? I really hope it is .... I plan on moving a couple of roses next spring to make room for newer plants whom I would prefer to see in the star position. I would love any opinions or experiences on this topic! Thank you!


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For me, this claim is a bunch of crap. If I have a rose in my garden that is dug up for any number of reasons, a new one will go right back intro the same spot. The only prep that spot gets is turning the soil over to loosen it up and get rid of any roots that might be hiding. I've been growing roses 40+years and have never had any problem with putting a new rose into a spot where I just dug one up. Trust me, I'm picky. I've been exhibiting my roses since the late 1980's and if I had any problems with my planting holes I sure would have noticed it.

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See the recent American Rose Society article on the subject.

Please keep in mind the old story about blind men that cannot move describing the elephant from where they are standing.

Here is a link that might be useful: link for above

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bart_2010(8/9 Italy)

As far as I know, Rose Replant Disease is a definite issue in Europe; I gather it's particularly bad in England,but I've read that it -supposedly-is less of a problem in the USA. However,in any case, I would strongly advise you to amend the old rose hole with lots of new organic matter, and I'd change the soil, too.Every time I dig up a rose to move it, I always get left with a big, empty hole anyway...bart

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buford(7 NE GA)

I'm with Ken. As long as you prepare the hole as you would with a new hole, you should be fine. We aren't growing 'crops' of roses, but putting them in their permanent place. Unless the former rose was diseased, I don't see the need to replace the soil. Just add some new soil or amendments.

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I wonder if it does not depend on the type of soil.(I have lots of clay) and possibly also on the temperature (the growth inhibitor may stay around longer in colder climates).


I follow Paul Zimmerman's advice.

I recommend this summary:

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seil zone 6b MI

With my space constraints if I did that I'd never be able to plant another rose! I reuse holes all the time. I've never noticed any problem in doing so. I reuse pots and potting soils too. Same problems.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

I reuse holes too... I figure if one rose grew well so would another one...

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