What did you order online this year and how is it doing?

nummykitchenJuly 23, 2012

I thought this would be a nice little discussion to get going on here since most of the sites are done shipping for the year. This was my first year rose gardening and also buying roses online so I'd love to hear other picks and experiences...

from Edmunds:

Raspberry Cream Twirl -- growing great, currently huge with about 5 buds (for my first peek at a bloom) about to open

Rainbow's End mini -- did not grow, called Edmunds and got a credit for next season

from Jackson and Perkins:

Mardi Gras -- growing great, had first flush of blooms and is working on second, beautiful color

Monkey Business -- slow growing but seems to be making it, has 1 bud (first bud) about to open

from Roses Unlimited:


Whiskey Mac

Julio Iglesias

Henri Matisse


Natasha Monet


Dick Clark

all of my Roses Unlimited roses are growing amazingly well and have produced tons of buds and blooms.

Julio Iglesias is amazing and I am so happy I got that one, gorgeous pink and white striped blooms.

from Heirloom Roses:

just received today...

Cupcake mini

Baby Paradise mini

Stars and Stripes Forever

Lady Jane Grey

Happy Child

Smallest plants I've received so far, but healthy looking! Was kind of expecting that since I read some reviews on here about tiny plants. Planning on putting Cupcake, Baby Paradise, and Stars and Stripes Forever in the ground soon and potting Lady Jane Grey and Happy Child to put in the ground next year when I "add on" to my fence line flower bed.

I also just placed an order at Regan's Nursery for next year for:

Dark Night 
George Burns 
All American Magic 
Oranges and Lemons

Any comments any of these?

Let's hear all about what you got this season and how you like it and where from!
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I'll focus on the bare roots I ordered this year (I ordered a bunch of bands early in the summer and they are still in the babying stage in pots)

1. Ketchup and Mustard - Nice, healthy rose. Already on its third flush. This flush has about a dozen blooms.

2. Sugar Moon - It's hit about 5 feet tall, but have only seen a couple of blooms. I guess it is focusing on green growth. Hope to see more blooms soon so I can judge it properly.

3. About Face - Planted late in the season (mid-May). I've seen about three blooms so far. hope it gets taller, since it is at the back of the garden.

4. Koko Loko - Very pretty blooms. Fast repeater in a pot till I can pick a proper home. Love the chocolate brown/mauve color in its earlier stages.

5. Pink Promise - Less vigorous than Koko Loko, which was planted at the same time. However, I can't really complaint too much since I have seen about a dozen blooms.

6. Cupcake - Put on a nice spring show, but has kind of pooped out in the summer heat.

7. Sunshine Daydream - Really impressed with this one. It's in a tough spot. I was too lazy to properly amend the clay soil, and it's pumping out blooms with healthy foliage.

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I haven't had great luck with my order from an Oregon nursery. Tiny one-stem bands of which Marie van Houtte did not survive. Chaucer's one stem died and the tiny side shoot near the bottom is struggling. China Doll is faring a little better but is also very small. The beautiful gallon sized Mrs. Dudley Cross from Chamblee's is growing backwards in its hot spot, despite much coddling. I've ordered Earth Song from Chamblee's but won't receive it until fall. I haven't heard whether I will truly get Zalud House Rasberry Shingled from Vintage but am keeping my fingers crossed. It's a beautiful and very desirable rose. Next spring I should be receiving two tea roses from Europe, imported by Vintage, which have spent two years in quarantine. I'm looking forward to having roses that can't be bought anywhere else here.

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I only ordered two roses this year, Dublin Bay, a climber, and Cl Cramoisi Superieur, and they're doing fine! Am in the process of getting a new bed started and waiting to see what it looks like before ordering more!

Last year, I also ordered 3 imports from Vintage Roses, am looking forward to receiving them next year.

Your picture is gorgeous!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Everything I ordered this year is growing and thriving. Whether it is a great gardening year or maybe I, after all these years of "practicing," have finally improved as a gardener, I'm not sure, but if it weren't for the excessive heat, this would be the best gardening year ever.

First time I have ordered from Palatine--terrific plants. Multiflora rootstock--that's a first also and is doing fine here.
Red Intuition--one of my best roses. Great rebloomer, no disease. Love this stripey!

Memoire--also called Ice Cream. Pristine white blooms. Not quite as good on the re-bloom as Red Intuition, but otherwise doing fine in all respects.

Little Sunset--ordered just because I needed a third one to complete the order, but it turned out to be a winner. Cute mini and loves to bloom.

From David Austin (Dr. Huey rootstock)--all healthy and growing fine.
Lady of Shalott--this is my current favorite. Until about a week ago when the excessive heat finally got to it, this rose was blooming non-stop! Very healthy also.

Queen of Sweden--ordered 2 of these to fill out my informal hedge that blocks out the junk in my neighbor's yard--and now my neighbor informs me he is moving. Oh well, I still have a gorgeous hedge left.

St. Swithun Climber--growing fine, but I hope I haven't lost it to RRD. Saw some odd growth and instantly destroyed the cane, in hopes I got it soon enough, but I'm not absolutely sure it actually was RRD. Will just have to wait and see.

Mrs. John Laing and Peter Mayle--these two are replacements for the two that grew well here for several years and then suddenly died--I have no idea why. They fill out this favorite property line hedge just fine. This is an older picture--Elina in particular is about twice as large now!

The Pilgrim climber--replaces an earlier climber that got RRD several years ago. Growing fine but hasn't bloomed yet.

Easter Basket--replaces an earlier one that got RRD several years ago. Just burst into extravagant bloom this past week despite the horrendous temperatures outside.

Cecile Brunner--this cuties forms part of a section with other polyanthas (The Fairy, etc.). Doing fine so far. I like these sprawlers.

Not bad for someone who complained most of last year that she had no room left in her garden and therefore wouldn't be able to order any new roses, huh?


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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

My spring bare roots all came from Palatine this year:
Ann Henderson
Carole Bouquet/Martina Mondadori
Rainbow Niagara/Tropical Sunset/Marvelle

All of them are doing pretty good for the conditions they've been forced to withstand. Blooms are small, but new growth has been healthy. Ann Henderson is a yummy pumpkin color, and I ooh & ahh over the form and color on Osiria. Sunstruck is really novel; heavy petals that do not drop off the bloom. I have left several of the blooms on her to see what happens, and they fade initially to white, then to an almost greenish color. Great scent, too.

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I ordered 15 Own root from Longagoroses and they are doing great! Crepusule, Quietness, Lavender Lassie, Dublin Bay, Europeana, Freisinger Morgenrote, Madame Alfred Carriere, New Dawn, Peggy Martin, Rosarium Uetersen, Sombreuil, Lynnie, and lauren they are all doing great, doubled or more in height and stocky. They have all bloomed except Peggy Martin. Naturally I am placing another order from her this week. These are my First roses in Arkansas, i had to leave my others in Texas when we moved. I sure appreciate all the help from this rose forum it sure helps with questions and ideas. Everyones roses look great, gives the rest of us inspiration!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

In my list above--just in case someone goes to the David Austin site looking for the last 5 roses I listed--I got those roses from Roses Unlimited--who always send wonderfully healthy plants but in pots and about 6 weeks later than the bareroot places do--which is why those roses are just beginning to bloom (or haven't bloomed yet).

Probably doesn't make any difference, but I just didn't want anyone confused by what I listed.

Have a good day!


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seil zone 6b MI

I only ordered 4 minis from Greenheart through a local rose society this year, Powerhouse, Patron, Show Stopper and First and Foremost. All of them are doing great and have been blooming well. I'm particularly happy with Powerhouse which has been in almost constant bloom.

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Kate, your pictures are gorgeous! Your roses all look perfect and perfectly lovely. Queen of Sweden is especially spectacular.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Beautiful photos, all!

I got ownroot 'Princess Alexandra of Kent' and 'Munstead Wood' from DA. PAOK is a bloom machine, very impressive for a little own-root. MW had a couple of tiny beautiful flowers and hasn't done much since. Hopefully it is growing roots. Also a grafted 'Snow Goose', which had a few clusters of pretty flowers, but is now just sitting there. I do not expect much the first couple of years, so that's fine.

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I ordered an Easy Does It rose from Angel Gardens in Florida. Despite a slow start of a couple different insects attacking it and making holes, the little stick of a bush prevailed and really filled out. It's been blooming steadily and the new foliage is healthy. It seems to have left the bug attacks behind. Do roses have more blooms per year as the bush gets older?

I can't say the surrounding former grocery minis have been as successful. They all got blackspot (like they do every year) and were very anemic in blooming. I will probably just pull and toss 'em.

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brittie(Houston 9a)

From Angel Gardens

Graham Thomas: gallon own root plant. He is now 7 feet tall and blooming a little. Love the flowers! No disease.

Munstead Wood (2): bare-root. These have been just wonderful! They're still pretty small, about 1 ft high by 18 inches wide, and a little sprawly looking. The flowers are such a nice shade of dark red/purple and smell wonderful. They DO shatter pretty quick, but I can live with that. No disease.

Lady Emma Hamilton (3): bare-root. So beautiful! I am really liking this plant. Each compact bush is around 18in to 2ft high by about 12 in wide with wonderful, dense foliage. These little bushes certainly love to flower! The incredible, orange color does fade though, but there's almost always a new flower opening up. The amount of flowering surprises me for such young plants. These tried to get a little spotty early on, but are doing fine now.

From Long Ago Roses

Gardens of the World
Grandmother's Hat

All three of these are babies in one gallon pots, so I can't comment much on them.

Is that really all that I ordered this year? Heh. Weird.

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Campanula UK Z8

A bunch of Lens hybrid musks from europe.
Sibelius was a most surprising little purple, Pleine de Grace, Matchball and Jaqueline Humery are healthy and delightful (had a white thing going on) My new rose hedge (well, post and wire between 2 allotment plots) has Nastarana (still very small and delicate), Goldfinch (think I may have to move this as it is going to be far too widely bushy), Leontine Gervaise and Ayreshire Splendens - very promising with trainable canes and an ability to grow almost horizontal - the most successful in the hedge, I think) Climbing Iceberg, and a rescued rugosa complete the hedge. I also have Aimee Vibert - slow, no flowers yet but healthy, paired with a softly cream hybrid helenae which is also quite small still (am expecting a lot more growth to meet Aimee over a long, high timber structure (currently doing duty as pea and bean pole supports). A couple of Austins, Crocus rose (being mugged by a large clump of cornflowers and thalictrum) and Summer Song - a great colour but terrible growth habit and not very healthy. The other duff rose is a Poulsen rennaissance rose, Lilliana/Claire Rennaissance - awful BS. Jasmina (Kordes), Perpetually Yours and Penny Lane(Harkness) and Nahema (Delgard, I think)are a healthy bunch, propping up various veggie posts and the like about the allotment - all work well, are healthy and good choices. Another early yellow, R.cantabridgiensis, a little spinossissima and R.pomifera duplex/Wolley Dods rose are perfect roses for my sandy soil and and open, windy plot - they are unblemished and beautiful with enough blossom to promise much more in coming years. Most disappointing is Hot Chocolate, which has languished next to Summer Song doing nothing - annoyingly, Liliana is also part of this vignette along with zinnias which are also rubbish (this weather!). The imagined glowing scenario of paprika and peach is gappy and splotchy - I avert my eyes. The most surprising is Crepuscule, a make up the numbers choice, bounding into flawless healthy beauty in a tricky but fertile spot (side of the compost bays). I expect the compost mountain will be prettily disguised next year. Most vigorous and fastest is, unsurprisingly Darlows Enigma - I think this rose is going to take to a UK climate with vim and vigour - a truly delicious rose, perfect for the rampageous allotment. Oh yeah, a couple of oddities, another hulthemia Alissar, Princess of Phoenicia (what a name!) and Pomponella - love them both. Finally, my failure rose - Pauls Scarlet Climber - done in by a vicious bindweed and an uncaring owner.

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I ordered the following, which are all healthy and doing nicely for young own root roses. Most have had a few blooms or are in the process of blooming now...next year will be exciting to see how they really do;

Roses Unlimited:
-Anna Yung
-Marie van Houtte
-Triomphe du Luxembourg
-Strike It Rich
-Baron Edmund de Rothschild
-Le Vesuve
-Charles reine MacKintosh
-La France
-Mme Alfred Carriere
-Paul's Himalayan Musk

Vintage Roses;
-Andenken an Alma de l�Aigle
-Baronne Henriette de Snoy
-Gilbert Nabonnand

Rogue Valley Roses:
-Clementina Carbonieri
-Mlle Franziska Kruger
-Won Fang Yon

Wow, I ordered a lot...and I have even more coming...

Roses sure are addicting...and FUN!


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Well, I was good and only ordered a handful this last time.

CINNAMON DOLCE - bloomed once so far, and I think I'm gonna love it with its speckled blooms!
BULL'S EYE - love it! The blooms change color as they age and repeat very well!
LORETTA LYNN VAN LEAR - little itty bitty ownroot hasn't done anything so far!
KETCHUP & MUSTARD - gonna be a good one!!!

SVR DE BADEN BADEN - looks to be a pretty one, but is susceptible to thrips
LET'S CELEBRATE - think I'm gonna love this one!
JAM & JERUSALEM - nice orangey blend that seems to repeat decently

SUMMER NIGHTS - first bloom was a dud, nothing since
RASPBERRY SWIRL - little teeny tiny ownroot that hasn't done anything yet
TEST ROSES - absolutely LOVE the striped one; the mauvey one had one bloom that didn't amount to much; the pink one was nice, but hasn't repeated yet; and the blend one looks to be a nice one

DARK NIGHT - thought I was getting ripped off by the dude who offered it, but after many months, the plant just showed up a week ago and isn't in great shape, so can't report on it yet. Will probably now order another one from Regan's just because!








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From Roses Unlimited, received in June and happily growing potted up on the deck:
Cubana--already assuming shapely bush form COVERED with blooms. Pretty apricot but quickly fades to pink.
Easter Basket--looking forward to fall blooms with pretty pink edging again. Blooms are just off white in the heat, sigh
South Africa--love the color, reminds me of Gold Medal
Sunshine Daydream--great shrub with large semi double yellow blooms which pale slightly. High hopes for this one!
Rita Levi Montalcini--semi double floribunda with beautiful stamens. Love the color--this one's going next to Comtesse du Cayla which should be very pretty!

Wanting to broaden the color spectrum in my garden. I have a lot of Earthkinds and antiques so I have every shade of pink and rose. I don't believe any of these offers much fragrance but that's OK. All seem fairly resistant so far-- that's nice!

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Maryl zone 7a

I had absolutely no more room left this spring. None, zip, zero, nada. Sooooo, naturally I ordered two new roses from RU. What the heck I'm going to do with them when they become big girls I don't know but for now they are happy in their smallish pots. They are Hot Princess and Mary Pickersgill. I've been impressed so far with the vigor of Hot Princess on own root, as most HT's need to be grafted. The blooms however have shown me nothing so far. But the temperature is in the 100's, so we will give her time. Mary Pickersgill (pic to follow) is a first year winner so far. This miniflora is almost always in bloom. The color is more yellow in this heat, with orange shades more pronounced in cooler weather. Either way I am impressed.....Maryl

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

I only ordered one rose online, Twilight Zone, bareroot, from Edmunds. It's now blooming for the second time, and I'm pleased to report its blooms have not faded like its parent, Ebb Tide. TZ has a nice growth habit so far, and is very healthy looking. I bought several roses locally, and I agree that Austin's Princess Alexandra is a bloom machine, as is Young Lycidas. Very pleased with those two. Diane

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I received Mme Isaac Pereire yesterday from the ARE. It was packaged very well. The newspaper was still moist. Leaves had been removed. I'll be watching her like a hawk.

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