Kim, about the Austins in pots, you were right!

andrearkJuly 30, 2014

I will be moving Carding Mill, Eglantine and Young Lycidas to in ground beds. I have found 2 Kordes Fairy Tale roses to replace Carding Mill and Eglantine, but I need help in finding a replacement for Young Lycidas. HMF says it's deep pink, but mine has definite purplish tinges. In any case, , , any suggestions? I would dearly love a fragrant rose for my deck.

Kim, I do have one potted Austin that may hold it's place. It's Teasing Georgia. Much more compact. But the other three are reaching for the sky!!! They are less than a year and are already 4 feet above the top of the pot.


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I'm sorry they so quickly turned into "Jack and the Beanstalk" roses in your pots, Andrea. Unfortunately, that's too often the case with colder climate roses unleashed in the "land of endless summer". Good luck! Kim

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AquaEyes 7a New Jersey

If you can find it (I never seem to see it available at my usual rose sources), perhaps 'Sweet Chariot' would do well in a big pot for your deck.



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jerijen(Zone 10)

Sweet Chariot is a WONDERFUL rose!

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Thanks Kim, for the 'oh poor baby'.

And Jerijen and Aqua for the suggestion about Sweet Chariot. I will keep trying to find a place to buy it. It certainly is beautiful.


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You're welcome, Andrea. Email Burling. I'm pretty sure she offers it or can find it for you. International Herald Tribune is another violet rose that flowers its ever-loving head off. It isn't as well scented as Sweet Chariot, but it's every bit as violet and a wonderful rose. Mr. Moore found early on that growing Sweet Chariot in smaller pots caused it to weep. He had a long, double row of heavily scented, hanging baskets of it lining the main walk at the nursery and he said that's when the rose told him its name. "Swing low, Sweet Chariot...". Planted in the open ground where the roots aren't restricted, it's much more upright and bushy. Kim

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