Need Consultation on New Zealand

rosybunnyJuly 21, 2014

It's a grafted plant from Weeks, came in a 5 gal. pot, planted in the ground last winter. It has grown a little bigger since then. Most of the time it's quite naked, this is the most foliage and blooms it has had so far, it really doesn't look good at all. The blooms are sparse and most of them very small, seriously lacking the famous fragrance which is the reason I wanted the plant. The blooms smelled very nice at the nersury before I purchased.

I suspect the main reason for NZ's poor performace is lack of sun. The spot only receives sun in mid day for a handful of hours, exactly how many I can't say. The buddliea bush behind it may also be stealing its nutrients.

To those who are familiar with NZ, do you think I should move it to a full sun spot? I had heard that it does better in cooler climate, I'm afraid it'll just fry in our full sun. If I don't move it, anything I can do to help the plant do better?


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The foliage is mostly clean.

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The sad flowers look like this, what the $%^*@#$??? I also found that the flowers didn't open well once cut.

Honestly, any insight on NZ will be much appreciated.


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seil zone 6b MI

Yes, move it out into the sunlight. Some place where it will get at least a good solid 6 hours of unobstructed sunshine. And somewhere where it won't have to compete so much with any other large shrub or tree. That will help with a lot of things.

It also looks like it has the fungal disease botrytis that affects the blooms like that. Moving it out into a more open space will also help with air flow to keep fungal diseases in better control.

Fragrance is a very subjective thing. It may have more fragrance in different weather conditions. Or it may not. It's very hard to say.

It looks like it's growing pretty well, other than the botrytis, and the leaves look pretty healthy, considering that it's not in a very good spot. So I think moving it will only make it better!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa. mentions New Zealand prefers dry climates. What is your climate like?
I'd also say try moving it so it gets more sun and see how it does then go from there...

Here is a link that might be useful: New Zealand

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

I'm not that happy with mine either. The flowers have a hard time opening and look kind of stuck together at the tops. Fragrance is slight. Mine is in its 2nd year. Not sure if I'm going to keep it.

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New Zealand loses alot of that potent fragrance after planting.
Mine took a year to start getting it back.
The fragrance is also highly weather dependant. Sometimes out just doesn't smell.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

It likes cool, dry climates. It does not like hot summers. In hot summers petals are few and form is poor on NZ.

Having said that, your rose is just in the ground, what, less than one full year? It will not give the best performance it can give until at least year three. I would add more mulch around it, to hold in moisture. Your mulch layer looks pretty thin.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

New Zealand grows fairly well here in humid Eastern Pennsylvania. Note the word "fairly". Like most other hybrid teas. It gets 7-8 hours of full sun.

If sprayed with fungicide every three weeks, fertilized every month, mulched heavely, deadheaded regularly and treated for midge, I get a somewhat scraggly bush with 4-5 flushes of nice big fragrant blossoms.

My main bed of HT's used to be two rows of roses. It is now a short single row of roses with other perennials in front and at the ends to hide the rose bushes.

I one had 45 HT's. Now I have 7: New Zealand, Sweet Surrender, Secret, Heirloom, Firefighter, Tiffany and Peace.

HT bushes are not particularly attractive in the landscape no matter how hard I try.

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