rose leaves are curling. why???

donnaz5(Z5 NY)July 17, 2008

i have 3 spectra's that are new to me this year as bands, all in the ground and doing very well. i watered them 2 days ago and they were fine. i went to water tonight and one of them has leaves that are curling upward and inward, if that makes sense. i examined this rose very, very closely..there are no signs of any insect anywhere, just the curling leaves..both old and new leaves.the leaves are still green, no sign of yellowing or browning...i might add that the spectra with the curling leaves actually touches another rose, and the other rose, iceberg, is far. we have also been having a heat wave here, with temps in the high 80's..don't laugh..for us..that's a heat wave!!any ideas??? thank you...donna

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jerijen(Zone 10)

One thing that can make rose leaves curl up some is powdery mildew.
And Iceberg is resistant (at least here in SoCal) to P.M.


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donnaz5(Z5 NY)

i don't see any sign of it..would the leaves curl first, then i would see the mildew? there really is nothing there yet? donna

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Yes. Often the leaves curl first.
Of course, that may not be your problem -- and of course, I can't see what you see,
so I'm guessing.


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If it is powdery mildew (& 'tis the season), you'll know soon enough when the curled leaves start sporting what looks like a dusting of fine talcum powder as the fungus releases its spores.

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Believe it or not, my Dr. Huey on the east side by the house where it's total shade all afternoon had curling leaves like that this evening, had the hose going for other things there, so I watered it, didn't ever water it for all the 30 or so years I had it after it reverted to rootstock and seldom before, first time watering this year today. Then last year I dug it out, trying to get all the roots, just couldn't get all of a huge mass which I had to cut in half to get most of it out, remainder very deep. Last year before I dug it out, the deep freeze did affect some of it.

Well it came back, and I let it do its thing like before. It never had any PM or much else, and I knew what that was before I got into roses because the lilac is often covered with it, no sign of that but I'll look closely tomorrow. I decided to give it a reprieve and let it grow, but there were two, when it blooms, if it is the second one that was there, the easiest to dig out, I'm whacking it because it didn't have such nice blooms; there is a difference in Dr. Huey's from photos I've seen here and my own experience.

It's only been in the high 80's and low 90's and very humid, it's been much hotter than that many summers past, some in recent years, going over 100.

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