Are you drawn to a certain color of rose?

sara_ann-z6bokJuly 25, 2014

Sometimes I wonder how I seem to end up with so many pink roses. The color I have the 2nd most of is red and I still have more than twice as many pink. Most of the other colors I have one-third less or fewer of those. I even tell myself I need to slow down on the pink, but then I see one I think I have to have. Yesterday I looked on the Regan website and one of the new 2015 roses is a climber called Pretty In Pink Eden, I was smitten. I do that with other colors too, but not nearly as much.

Do you have a certain color or colors you gravitate to? I love them all, it just seems like I must like pink roses the most.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Yup - PINK! The stronger the better. LOL
Pink just sends me. I especially like the darker pink in the front left of your picture. What rose is it?

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For me it's "soft" colors.

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seil zone 6b MI

The largest number of mine are classed as pink, next would be red, but that's deceiving. Almost all of those are bi-colors of one sort or another. I seem to always go for the ones with more than one color as opposed to the solids. For I while I was very drawn to the orange/apricots too but that's tapered off I think. Truthfully, I don't think I've ever seen a color I really didn't like. Well, maybe The Green Rose, lol.

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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

I probably prefer white, light or blush pink, and dark red that can appear purple the most in that order. Apricot and oddities (Distant Drums, Pam's Choice, Cafe, et cet.) would round out my top 5.

I don't really grow many true reds with the exception of Home Run and now Baron Girod de l'Ain which is both not "true red" with its piping and an experiment more than a rose I expect to do well. White is one of my favorite colors for flowers of any sort and it probably helps living in an area where white snow never covers precious greenery for months of the year. My absolute favorite rose bloom belongs to Madame Hardy.

I think there are bound to be so many pinks amongst our favorites because there are so many pink roses period. If I had to guess more pink roses are released than any other color by a sizable margin.

That said, just about any color can produce a wonderful rose.


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Thanks everyone.

Carol - The darker pink one is Pink Peace. I'm not sure which pinks are my favorite, I like most of them. Seil - I agree on the ones with more than one color, some of those are really nice. And Jay, yes I thought of that there are more pink roses released, it definitely seems to be the dominate color in roses. Maybe that is why I like roses so much in the first place. I am liking white roses more and more, they are truly lovely. Ken, I agree that the softer tones are more appealing for the most part, although sometimes there are exceptions

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I have way more pink ones than anything else but its honestly because they were on sale....LOL I prefer bi-colors

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Oh yes. There are quite a few exceptions in my garden. Munstead Wood, Dark Night, Charisma and Remember Me are just a few to throw a little "HELLO" into the garden.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Pink is not my favorite color for a rose, though I certainly have some. Usually, if I were to pick out one rose whose color I prefer, I'd immediately jump for Munstead Wood--that dark velvet purple-burgundy red is incredible! I could swoon!

However, other than MW, what really gets my heart singing is YELLOW (bi-color with lots of yellow in there works also). Just this morning while making coffee, I glanced out the kitchen window and spotted a bit of yellow in the back garden which had been yellow-less for several weeks. Before I could even form a coherent thought, a gasp burst out and a big long ectastic sigh as I whispered to myself---"Ooooh! Molineux just opened this morning!" And my heart gave a little leap for joy.

I'm not kidding that is what yellows can do to me. A Peace rose with its pastel yellow-cream-flushed pink petals elicits the same response, and much as I love my red roses in the red bed, as I call it, a happy thrill always goes through me when in the midst of all that red I notice a brighter yellow from Berolina is also blooming.

The yellows (with lots of apricot) of Lady of Shalott are wonderful too, but she sometimes pushes it a bit too much toward the apricot--still lovely, however.

Interesting thing is that I don't really have that many yellow roses in my garden, although the 7 little yellow minis (Sweet Diana) certainly do provide dots of yellow throughout the garden.

Am I the only yellow lover?


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No, no, not I, McFly. I only have eleventy hundred pink roses by accident.


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I love yellow too! I always try to have yellow smewhere in my yard and garden because it makes me happy to see that bright spot of yellow, pretty much the way Kate described. I have lots of pink because their just seems to be more pink roses. I also love the oranges that have yellow mixes in like my Chihuly and strike it rich. I also really like white and purple colors.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Red or orange...

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Dinglehopp3r z7A. EastTN

I'm a yellow person too, Kate! I absolutely love rich, golden yellows like my Julia Child. I am hoping that with time my Golden Celebration will develop more golden yellow tones instead of the pastel yellow it has been giving me so far. I bought a tiny little Graham Thomas from the most recent sale at Heirloom, and hopefully he will perform well for me because the photos I've seen of him in full bloom are incredible. In recent months I have also realized I seem to be an apricot person too, especially the apricots that have lots of yellow in them such as Lady of Shalott & Lady Emma Hamilton, I can't seem to get enough of them.

When I first started growing roses I said I would never get pink, pink isn't one of my favorite colors & it seems that whenever I see roses around or in photos they are mostly pink. I told myself I would only have my small bed of yellows and oranges and be different.... That was until I stuck my nose into a Jubilee Celebration at my local greenhouse, I immediately swooned and had to bring it home. It seems like pink roses more frequently have a stronger fragrance than other colors tend to. Since buying JC pink roses have grown on me a little so I decided to add a few more fragrant pinks to my garden. I purchased a Benjamin Britten from Heirloom during the summer sale & this fall I will be receiving Abe Darby & Mme Isaac P. from Antique Rose Emporium.

I do love deep reds in small doses, they add such beautiful contrast to the softer yellows and oranges. Munstead Wood and Darcy Bussell are two of my favs.

If I could find a truly purple rose that is fully double, healthy, and a frequent bloomer I would be in love, but it seems like those 3 qualities are impossible to find in any truly purple rose. Ebb Tide is working alright for me, but it is a little stingy & it doesn't really have that cupped, full form I would like to see. & from what I hear twilight zone is even stingier.

It seems that my "small garden of yellows & oranges" is slowly turning into a much larger garden of rainbow chaos & I kind of love it.


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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Sara-Ann - no wonder I love that pink so much - I have Pink Peace and just love it.

There are so many pink roses because that is the default setting for the genetics.


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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

Pink on the cool side of the spectrum is my favorite color, closely followed by the lavenders and purples. I must admit that I really dislike the true reds. Striped pink and white roses are also wonderful, and I also like cream and white. I like soft yellows, but the stronger ones don't really fit into my garden that has a backdrop of wild hills.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Overall, I like warm tones, except in red roses, then usually I like the cooler (bluer) tones. I am sure there are some exceptions, usually in the pinks.

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I soooooo love the pinks, peachy apricots and creams. Loving lots of purples too. Trying to shift the yellows, reds and oranges out of my gardens. There's lots of pretty roses those colors but I prefer the others. This is a great thread Sara Ann!!

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I've enjoyed reading all the responses, thank you all very much. DrPekeMom, do you have a picture of your roses? Would love to see one. Even though I do have more pink than anything, I still love to have the other colors mixed in. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the lavenders, I have a few but not many. I love Paradise, but I don't have one. I've also been trying to decide between Blue Moon, Blue Girl or Charles De Gaulle or maybe Neptune. I do love the way Love Song looks in the landscape, it's a beautiful rose. I also love the way my Julia Child roses look when they're in bloom, they pop! I'm not sure about the deeper hued purples, I planted Twilight Zone and have had a few blooms, but with the heat I can't really tell how pretty they are going to be, maybe in the fall I can tell. I wouldn't want to do without my reds or the orange and apricot colors either. I will admit that the rich hue of a rose like Munstead Wood is so beautiful. So, I want more pink roses than others, but definitely wouldn't want to be without the other colors.

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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

Sounds like we have a lot of fans of pink, which is a great color to love as a rose fanatic since roses come in an infinite variety of pinks. For me, I love deeply saturated colors in most things including roses. I want garden colors that have a depth to them, and for the most part the truly deep black-burgundies make my heart sing when they're good. When they're not good, they're a dime-a-dozen hot pink, but that's what you get when you love the unusual colors. I agree with Kate that Munstead Wood is worth the swoon, as are Francis Dubreuil and Darcy Bussell, for the burgundy-purples. Among the true burgundies, Messire Delbard, LavaGlut, and Nigrette are among the deepest heart-stopping reds for me.

I also love the deeply saturated apricot-yellow-pink combinations of several of the mutable roses. Gilbert Becaud stops my heart whenever he's in bloom, and I admit to loving the mutable brassiness of Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, and Disneyland. The other colors that draw me are the high contrast flowers, particularly the stripes and picotees. Needless to say, much of this is why there are a lot of modern roses in my yard, but there are OGRs that can give saturated colors a run for their money - just look at Reine des Violette or the delicious Madame Isaac Periere.

Below is Gilbert Becaud in all his gaudy glory.


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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

My first thought was Pink ! Of course ! I love it in everything . But apricots are my newest love . Have you seen tamora glow in the morning sun ? Just beautiful. I also added carding mill and Desiree from heirloom. Yum.

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Cynthia - Gilbert Becaud has a lovely color combination, not gaudy at all, looks like a beautiful rose. I'm new to Old Garden roses and agree with you on Mme Isaac Pereire and Reine des Violettes, especially Reine des Violettes. When mine bloomed I thought it was about the most beautiful rose I've ever seen. I'm not sure if its beauty can be captured on camera and don't know if it looks the same for everyone, but mine was breathtaking.

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Kes Z 7a E Tn

I tend to buy and keep what I think will grow here but my favorite color is apricot. I have only several and wish I had more.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Before I switched to a "no spray" garden, my favorite color for the front of the house was red and white. I circled the planting area with white and placed red roses in different areas.

.I have come to like white. I still love the reds, but not many of them are "no spray", and so many whites are. I like the whites at night, and they go well with the white crape myrtles. (In Oklahoma many roses look white even if they are supposed to be other colors because the heat seems to fade them. For example: Penelope.

I do like the apricots, and really all the colors. Often I try to avoid pinks because I have so many, but I want something that is the right size, and easy care, so I may order a pink.

Carefree Sunshine is the only yellow that works for me, and standing alone, it does not seem that outstanding. Julia Child was too bright in my garden next to my Perle' d Or plants. (spelling here is off). It died anyway, so I only have one yellow.


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Sylvia Weiser Wendel

I love really deep, dark reds. I have Munstead Wood, Darcey Bussell, Mr. Lincoln and Don Juan. In the front of the house, I'm grouping brighter colors, mostly HTs and floribundas -- Chihuly, Granada, Trumpeter, Easy Going,
Pink Peace came with the house. I do have 3 Tamoras out there -- unstoppable even in the heat.
I love really, really pale pink roses -- like Queen of Sweden, which I have in the back. Marie Van Houtte varies from unsullied cream to darkish pink and everything in between. I like surprises.

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I have to go with the lavenders, especially after getting Charles de Gaulle last year.

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Charles De Gaulle is truly a lovely rose, the lavenders are growing on me. The color palette for roses is truly amazing, The reds, dark reds and other richly colored tones and the whites add so much to the landscape. To me roses are never boring!

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I would like a bright lemon-yellow rose, but unfortunately all the "yellow" roses are either a little on the orange side, or are washed-out looking. There is not really a true yellow rose, in my opinion.

Pink is my LEAST favorite rose color, by far. I don't really like any of the pastel shade rose colors, they lack the vibrancy of a strong color, without the cleanliness of white.
That being said, we have a Electron tree rose bush, and its pink color is very vibrant, almost fluorescent. It grows vigorously and is putting out HUGE sized blooms. I don't like pink, but this one looks great.

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Michaela .:. thegarden@902 .:. (Zone 5b - Iowa)

I always find myself coming back to this forum and wanting to share mine but I can never make up my mind!!

I love deep reds, bright yellows, pale yellows, bright pinks, pale pinks, whites, whites with pale pink centers, apricots, lavenders. Is that too many?

If I had to pick one I'd have to say lavender since I struggle to find any lavender roses that are hardy to zone 4 which is what I strive to plant for since we have some brutal winters. I'm ordering Silver Shadows from Heirloom in the spring and I'm so anxious. It'll be my first lavender rose.


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Rosecandy VA, zone 7

I used to be drawn only to red, but as I did more rose research and read threads from you ENABLERS I started drooling over more and more colors. My love for rose shape was similar. I'm beginning to realize that if there's a rose color, shape, or size I don't like give it time and I'll make a nice puddle over it.

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Rosecandy VA, zone 7

I don't know what you consider a "true yellow", but there are many great yellow roses that don't look orange or washed-out. Midas Touch has been great for me, though I don't know how it would fair in your zone. Yellow Brick Road is a lovely yellow also, but it tends to be bleached by hot weather. Julia Child is a commonly reccomended rose, but I know close to nothing about it except that it does bleach some and it's a great bloomer. All three of the roses mentioned are known to have excellent disease resistance.

Have you tried using It's a great resource with lots of roses in its database.
Here's a link to the advanced search page:

Midas Touch:

Yellow Brick Road:

Julia Child:

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Need I say more? I do love them all, but this color seems to really make me happy! :)

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amandahugg(SS19 CA)

More saturated bright colors appeal to me. A friend referred to my garden as the 'garden for the visually impaired'. Faded yellows and murky Montezuma corals are my least favorites.

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Color tends to be a secondary consideration for me. I run the whole gamut from the white of a ducher to yellows and pinks and reds to the dark purple of a Cardinal Richelu.

The bloom size and how complex it is seem to be much more a consideration to me. The only simple blooms I have is on my Lady Banks, which I just grow because my mother always had one.

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I'm a fool for the holy trinity: lavender, pink and yellow roses; especially in clear pastel shades.

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I prefer the crimson red aging to purple types with heavy scents, although I love any if they smell great!

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Most of my roses coincidentally are crimson or red(they were chosen for petal count and fragrance). I don't generally oppose most colors. Althought I definitely would not get a rose that is the color of modern stripes or a bicolor like 'Fire and Ice' or 'Ketchup and Mustard.' That is not to say I oppose all stripes or all bicolors.

I do have a turn on for roses with soft blends of color such as Eden Rose and Pompon Circus though. But don't actually have these because Eden is a large climber and Pompon is impossible to find.

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seil zone 6b MI

By my inventory I see that the highest color count I have is in pink. I don't think that is surprising though because I think that pink is probably the highest color number in roses period. I know from my small breeding efforts that pink seems to be the default color for seedlings. Usually 9 out of 10 of my seedlings is some shade of pink.

I do tend to gravitate toward brighter colors, blends and bi-colors. I mix all the colors together too for a cheerful look. Although I do have some beautiful soft pastels that I love. I guess I like pretty much all the colors!

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Campanula UK Z8

White - every time...and preferably small singles. The epitome of true blossom really. Followed by a weakness for the pale Asian early yellows.

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My favorite color class is the "russet" one. Kim Rupert coined the phrase "coffee colored" roses. But I like to call them the "oddballs." The tans, browns, beiges, greys, greens and mixes thereof. I always go for the odd, the unusual, the "out-of-the-norm." I dunno why. It all started when I saw a bunch of 15gal potted climbing roses at the now defunct Home Base store about 20yrs ago. These unusual, large, gorgeous paper-bag brown colored beauties were called "BUTTERSCOTCH" or "Jactan." I was freaking out when I saw them. I HAD to have one of them. I began researching after that and found out there were a lot of "russet" classed roses. So I went on a quest to find as many as I could. Over the yrs, I've had and lost quite a few of them, but many still exist and thrill me every time they bloom. My BUTTERSCOTCH climber has gotten old and while it grows ok, it doesn't bloom as much as I'd like. I'm sure I just need to feed it better, but I have so little time anymore.

The other class of roses I gravitate toward as much, if not more than the russets, only because there are more of them... is not really a "color" class, but it's the stripeys. I guess those are my real "favorites." If only there were a brown stripey. The closest thing I guess would be RUSTY. It's a rusty-stripey!

Here's BUTTERSCOTCH - not the best pic, but didn't bloom too great this past season

and RUSTY - in its more "burgundy" phase

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Michaela .:. thegarden@902 .:. (Zone 5b - Iowa)

Beth... Butterscotch is AMAZING. Why did I never know about this color of rose?! I am bummed to see it's only hardy to zone 6. Otherwise I'd be adding that to my never ending list....


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What's in my garden versus what I'm drawn to, that is the question ---

I have more pinks then I would want, and luckily they're either a different type of bloom or hue .. but I want to add more whites and yellows. I do prefer when my cuttings are noticeably different from each other though.

Legends, Remember Me and Grande Dame.

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Happy New Year everyone! I don't go out and say, today I'm going to go buy a red rose, etc. I noticed I'm drawn to peach colored roses, white and light light pink ones. Have no idea why, I think they're beautiful and classic. I also have a 100 year old wooden framed home that I think they go beautiful with. In the fall I drove to Tyler, Tx to Chambalees and I bought 5 roses and all the same color scheme. I was like Hells bells! And here I was thinking I was buying all kinds of different roses, lol. Oh well. Funny thing is that when I started gardening 3 years ago I hated them. I thought they were so cliche for a garden. Now!!!! I can't get enough!!!!

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jjpeace (zone 5 US/zone 6 Can)

Happy New Year everyone! I wish everyone and their gardens a healthy, happy and vigorous 2015.

Sorry, I would be on more but been having computer issues during the holidays. Hopefully it is fixed now.

Anyways, I find that I tend to like different colours each season. Over the years, I've noticed that I have a majority of pink roses as well. It is ironic since pink is not my favourite colour in roses. I do like the pale, soft ones but I really cringe from the shocking lipstick I think my problem was buying roses based on book reviews and the catalogue pics.

Then I went for yellows since I do like yellow roses. Of course, now I noticed the yellows I have is too beigey, which I don't like either. I like the strong golden yellow. But in a way it is a good "disappointment" since beigey yellow and pinks do look good together.

This past season I went for a few reds but mainly apricots. I think this upcoming seasons I am going for lavender and bi-coloured roses but especially bright coloured ones. I noticed that most of my roses end up being pale and I want bright colours in my garden.

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My mom would keep buying rose bushes a few times a year, and she always seemed to be drawn to the pink and pastel orangish color roses (and a few mauve purple ones too). I got frustrated and thought these were ugly colors. I don't think she was even consciously aware of the type of colors she was drawn to.

I prefer the bolder plain solid colors: red, white, yellow, bluish purple. I have a hard time understanding what the appeal of muted or tinted colors is, to me they look like someone mixed all the paint colors together and got a murky brackish mix.

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