soil mixture for container roses??

Prettypetals_GA_7-8July 16, 2008

If I pot up some new bands what is the best soil and additives to use to make them take off before I plant them in the ground?? Thanks, Judy

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rosesnpots(z8 Tidewater area VA)

When I get my new young roses, I use straight up MG potting mix in 10 or 14 inch pots. I have also read on the forum that WalMart potting mix works as well. The big thing is to use potting mix not potting soil. I also add a liquid root stimulator to help them get started.

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Thanks rosesnpots, I have never used a root stinulator before so will definitely try it. Thanks for your help. Judy

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odyssey3(7 noVA)

In our heat I have to use a moisture retaining potting soil, even with watering every day.

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roseman(Z 8A GA)

I just use a soiless potting mix so that I can add my own fertilizers as needed. I usually get a bag of nursery mix from Lowes. So far so good.

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mexicanhat(6a/Sub Rosa)

I mix mine, have been for a few years now. My scoop is about 1/2 gallon.

This is the basic seed starting mix.

2 scoops peat
1 scoop coir
~1/2 scoop perlite

To make potting mix for gallon size or better, add:

3 scoops composted pine fines/bark
couple tbsp triple superphosphate
1 tsp agricultural lime
couple tbsp osmocote (if desired)
a few tbsp moisture crystals (if desired)

This makes a good sized wheelbarrow full of potting mix.

I would be interested to see anyone else's recipe that mixes their own...

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Maryl zone 7a

I use the root stimulator on about all my newly potted and in ground plants in the spring when the soil is cooler. I think it helps. Miracle Gro brand has a nice root stimulator product with easy to use measurements (1 capfull to 2 gallons water-most watering cans are 2 gallons- so it's easy peasy). My potting mix: 1 part finely shredded pine bark mulch (found usually towards the bottom of the bag), 1 part coarse builders sand (not play box sand), 1 part compost. Add Perilite to taste. Since I already have the bag of pine bark mulch, I reserve some of it to top off the pots to help retain moisture. The chunky remains goes into the composter or on top of other beds.

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mexicanhat(6a/Sub Rosa)

Mary, I think that is the type of mix that I often see from a nursery I frequent. It's a sandy mix. I bet the roses like that. Seems like it would leave lots of pore space for additional compost/amendments to percolate into.

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ken_se_fl(9 SE, Fl.)

I have been using Wally Worlds(Wal Mart) potting mix for several years now. Most of my roses are in pots (5 gal. to 25 gal.) with a few in large decor pots on the deck. most of the pots are sunk in the ground with some having the bottoms cut out. I throw a shovel full of coarse sand in the mix as I'm putting the mix in the pot. Any new ANYTHING gets this treatment. Even if they just go into 1 or 3 gal pots to grow a good root system befor being moved into larger pots. Have had GREAt success this way.

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Maryl zone 7a

Mexicanhat: I made mine for years, but a private nursery started carrying it's own blend about 10 years ago and it was similar enough to my own that I switched to it. The pine bark mulch part does break down over the years which is why I add Perlite. It is stable and keeps that oxygen exchange thingy and drainage going. I have one Austin rose growing in a pot with this type of mix in it that is 18 years old, so I'd say it works pretty well even over the long haul.

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mexicanhat(6a/Sub Rosa)

Mary - 18 years! That's amazing. I'm going to try your recipe. Do you put any fertilizer type goodies in, or is the compost enough?

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gnabonnand(Zone 8 Texas)

I've tried 'em all.
Wal-Mart's organic potting mix works best for me.
The brand on the bags says: "EXPERT Gardener Organic Mix".
I don't buy it because it's cheap ... I buy it because the plants like it and I like its texture.


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Maryl zone 7a

I've heard good things on the container forum about the Expert Organic mix from Walmart. I've not tried/seen it, but for PrettyPetals short term requirements it may be worth checking into...My pot fertilizing routine is fluid. I've listened to the rose exhibitors who grow in pots and over the years melded it to what I feel needs to be done to my roses at the time. The basics are a good multi nutrient TR (timed release) fertilizer in early spring, with a small addition in July (just finished btw). The amount of water passing through the container (rain vs hose water) tells me which Miracle Gro liquid supliment I should use (Miracid if nitrogen needed due to the use of mainly hose water, or Rose Miracle Gro for rain water (which usually contains more nitrogen from the lightening accompanying it). Mainly I use 1/4 to 1/2 strength of any supplimental fertilizer and try for at least once a month (more if I feel they need it). My fertilizing system is constantly changing and evolving as I see/feel what my roses need and what life gives me time to do.

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