Timing Rose Blossoms for a Wedding

mellmel(zone5 Omaha)July 13, 2014

My daughter is getting married on August 2nd. I live in zone 5 and have around 75 roses. My spring flush occurred mid June this year. I have just applied my second round of RoseTone within the last week. The roses are just now setting on new buds. If I pinch off these buds, do I have a better chance of having more roses blooming for her wedding? I am planning on cutting as many roses as I can to take to her reception. She knows I may not have much in bloom. I have not really been able to find much info on ways to encourage bloom at a certain time other than advice for single flowers for flower shows. Thanks for any advice:)

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predfern(z5 Chicago)

Japanese Beetles could also make an appearance

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mellmel(zone5 Omaha)

I have had only a few recently. They have been worse the past few years. I think the dry, cold winter here knocked them back this year. So that is in my favor:)

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buford(7 NE GA)

Exhibitors time their blooms for shows. Typically it takes 6 weeks from a deadheading to bloom. So they deadhead timed to the shows. They do stagger, say deadhead half of a bush one week and then the other side the next week so they can have two weeks of blooms in case the timing is off.

Here is a link that might be useful: Getting Your Roses To Bloom All At Once For A Special Event

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I would try what buford says and stagger the pruning so that some roses will bloom regardless. Keep the mulch on so the roots are cool and moist because dry roots slow down flowering in summer.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

I've done this for two fall weddings, and your summer temperatures are going to leave you exhausted as to what you need to do.

RIght now, go and prune the roses back. Today and tomorrow, no later. Get ready to water at least every third day. Get ready to spray for bugs. Get a bloom busting fertilizer and be ready to feed each bush weekly. I used Carl Pool which I had from having lived in Houston.

Then line up your refrigerators.

The Hybrid Teas that aren't singles usually take 40 days to bloom ............August 2????? Forget what I said above ....you're stuck with the buds you have right now. Bloom pushing fertilizer and watering....do this.

About the refrigerators. You really do need to have these lined up. And test them to (in summer) hold temps no lower than 36F. You'll need a max min thermometer to do this. You'd prefer the frigs to not be auto defrost. (Defrost wrecks havoc with rose petals.) You will want to take the buds as the sepals fold back.

To be brutally honest, buy blooms. This is a wedding and it's supposed to be really special, but if you have to stress over producing roses through the heat of summer, it won't be memorable in a good way. I knew what I was doing and it was miserable knowing I had to get a huge bloom production out of about the same number of roses as you have. (That was year three and five of my rose growing up here.)

One charming alternative would be to order white minis in pots from your local nursery....they would bring them in, in bloom from Canada. Glue the pots together for a brides bouquet and group three pots for the brides maids.

Good luck, sorry to be so disjointed, but I really read August as September (knowing summer temperatures.)

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mellmel(zone5 Omaha)

The flowers were a great success! I ended up having amazing June-like weather the week before & had more than enough blooms. I didn't count, but I think it was close to 200 blossoms. Not too bad considering the time of year. Thank you to all for the great advice. I was able to keep roses fresh for an entire week (thanks to 2 dorm room refrigerators & floral preservative, cutting stems & changing the water). I will post some photos as soon as I get them loaded onto photobucket!

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mellmel(zone5 Omaha)

Here are a few photos. The bride and groom first:) I did not do the bridal bouquet...way enough pressure to provide the vase flowers for 20 tables and gift/photo tables! The arbor is from my yard.

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Wow congratulation! Bride and groom look very happy! And your roses look beautiful.

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Congratulation! And the flower arrangement was awesome.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

I love what you did! So glad the roses bloomed in time.

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view1ny NY 6-7

Beautiful bride, lovely couple, gorgeous dress. Oh, and the flowers look great too. Congrats.

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

How lovely ! So glad you were able to pull it off . You must be one proud mama !

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Beautiful! I love love love the touch of using roses you grew. That makes the centerpieces so special! (I'm a wedding officiant, I love this stuff!)

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