Missing your blooms Arcus_85

sara_ann-z6bokJuly 7, 2014

I know that some of you had a terrible winter and maybe that's the reason, or it could be you're really busy or just haven't got around to posting any pictures. Just wanted you to know I miss seeing your big perfect blooms. Hope you are able to show us some very soon.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Sara-Ann, we are in the same zone, but you must have been far more diligent than I last winter. I doubt if I will have too much to show for about a year. I do have isolated blooms, and some of my older roses are fine, but for most of the garden -- I will have to wait.

My blooms are so small that they are not very pretty. When I asked about this problem, Ann said that she needed to work on the roots this year, then the roses would be larger next year. That perfectly describes my situation. I did not water in the winter, and am paying for it now.


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Thank you, Sammy - Yes, we had a bad winter, and I feel fortunate that I lost very few roses. I do hope things improve soon for your roses, I would love to see them too.

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