RRD and Easy Does It

lainey2(7a)July 1, 2014

I had two Easy Does It shrubs planted on either side of two Living Easy shrubs. A couple of years ago I lost one Easy Does It to RRD and today I lost the second. The Living Easy shrubs survive. I actually wouldn't have minded losing Living Easy as they are so black spot prone in my garden, but the Easy Does It were strong, vigorous, clean, and covered in blooms all summer. I have also lost Hot Cocoa and Julia Child to RRD. I'm wondering if any data have been collected on different cultivars and their susceptibility to this disease.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I think it is generally accepted that all roses are susceptible to RRD. It is transmitted by a microscopic mite that is blown in the breeze--pure chance that the wind deposits it on this rose and not on that rose.

Do you know for a fact that all the roses you lost actually had RRD? If anyone in your yard or even in the neighbor's yard was spraying with Round-Up and a chance breeze whiffed some of it over on your rose, that rose will probably have symptoms that look somewhat like the symptoms of RRD. However, if the shot of Round Up does not kill your rose, it will probably recover--given enough time. But if it is RRD, it will not recover but keep slowly spreading to other parts of the bush.

Feel free to show pictures on here of any bushes you suspect are infected with RRD. Other posters would be happy to help you with the diagnoses.


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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Also consider that there may be something in your wind pattern that drops the vector mites in a particular location.

I have one rose bed that is more susceptible. I try to keep replacement for it on hand.

A friend had a large structure (it's in the e-book.) RRD on New Dawn there. She caught it very early when it was on one cane, cut that cane back, and it (RRD) came back from the roots. She dug it out, waited two years, and replanted a different rose. Once that rose grew up and over the structure, one of its canes, in the same location as the sick New Dawn cane, came down with RRD out on a cane.

She then dug it out and planted clematis there.

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buford(7 NE GA)

It's possible that the Easy Does Its were infected because they are on the sides of the other rose. In a way, they were protecting the other rose. Once you remove those, the other rose might get infected.

Have you checked to see if there are multiflora in the area? Perhaps ones that are infected that could be removed?

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I think I know how to identify RRD. I remove the infected cane to the ground. If the witch's broom, weird growth, hyper thorniness, rubbery stems, return, I remove the shrub. I don't believe herbicide damage returns on new growth. We live on a mountainside with large farms and meadows below. They probably harbor multifloras, but I have never seen them. I'll keep replanting as long as I am able. Very discouraging.

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