'Picture-perfect' roses

tropical_philippinesAugust 13, 2008


I seem to be unique here as I place the flower 'form' of a rose and its ability to maintain that lasting 'perfect' form, above all the other qualities like 'fragrance', 'disease-resistance', or 'color'.

Source: http://www.rirs.org/show07tally.htm

I'm looking for roses which exhibit the flower form above (high-centered; petal edges assuming a 'triangular' form.) The rose should maintain the form for the longest time even when the flower has already aged. It shouldn't collapse and flatten out. It shouldn't expose the stamens eagerly even as it ages. Also, it shouldn't rapidly detach petals and should hold on to them for the longest time. The flower color should stay fairly constant before gradually fading uniformly. (I don't like spotty fading.)

Any suggestions? Which red, deep red, pink, yellow, and orange roses are the *best* when it comes to this 'form' criteria and ability to retain it? I'm looking into roses with larger blooms, 30+ petals, and which are repeat-blooming.

I find it difficult to rely on 'google.com' photos as roses are usually captured on camera while they are at their best form. (What looks 'beautiful' on photo may actually only look so for a very short period of time. Many 'beautiful' roses rapidly become bald and ugly in a few days even with little rain.)

Thanks in advance.


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Depending on where you are located, St. Patrick rose may be what you are looking for. It has a very traditional hybrid tea form and lasts a long time as a cut flower.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Tropical, you describe what is known in rose show judging as "exhibition form". At rose shows here in the US, we judge HTs/Grandifloras, miniatures and mini-floras based on the bloom having exhibition form (there are other standards, but the form and condition of the bloom holds the highest number of points). Go over to Roseshow.com. Click on the links for "Queens of Show" and "Hybrid Teas/Grandifloras" to see lists of roses with the qualities that you prefer. The statistics are compiled from the results of American Rose Society judged rose shows. You can then go to Helpmefind.com and search for the rose to see additional photos.

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ken_se_fl(9 SE, Fl.)

In tropical conditions (hot and HUMID), St. Patrick, Louise Estes, Pop Warner, Mavrik, Vet. Honor. All of these do well in my hot, sticky garden almost all year long. I've also growing Pope John Paul 11 for about 10 months. It has done very well in my climate so far.

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Falling in Love is good for what you want.

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My roses with good, lasting form are Falling in Love, Marilyn Monroe, Black Magic, Abracadabra, Countess Sonja, Gemini, and Imperatrice Farah.

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If you can find a source, you may want to try Rina Hugo and Gentle Giant.

By the way, which island do you garden from?

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

If you want accurate photos of roses grown in home gardens, try HelpMeFind.com -- The page for the named variety has a tab to click on showing photos, another with sources to buy, etc.

I will put a link to their rose search below:

Here is a link that might be useful: rose search

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Thank you everyone for your inputs.

I live in the Philippines so virtually ALL KINDS OF ROSES can grow here all year long. We have very high humidity though so we get an occasional rust or powdery mildew.

'Ingrid Bergman' rose seems to be rust and mildew-free here despite our 80-90% humidity most times of the year... It's a great red rose with flowers retaining the 'quilled' form without dropping a single petal or exposing the stamens too much during the entire flower life.


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