Question for Kim about feeding weekly weakly

boncrow66August 5, 2014

Hello Kim, I hope your don't mind but I have a question. You have mentioned in other posts that you encourage feeding weekly weakly. What do you recommend to feed with weekly weakly and it is it only for roses in pots or does it apply to roses in the ground too? Thanks!

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Good morning, Boncrow. That suggestion has mainly been for immature plants, and those in pots in extreme situations, but it can work for any plant, in any situation. Just as it is generally more beneficial for you to eat smaller meals, more frequently, providing a lower-dose, more constant source of nutrients for plants can encourage a heightened level of steady growth. But, it takes more time and effort from you than simply either applying the monthly dose every month; watering with the amount required every two weeks with a water soluble or applying the recommended dose of organics at the rate and frequency you prefer. For special things; for small, immature plants or very weak growers I want to push steadily, I maintain higher water levels (keeping drainage in mind with the selection of potting soil) and provide half strength food, twice as often. For solubles, instead of a tablespoon per gallon of water every two weeks, perhaps a teaspoon per gallon weekly.

For immature plants or slower growers you want to light a fire under, it works very well, but it's likely a lot more time and effort for an entire garden than many of us would wish to spend. Though, you might waste a bit less of inorganic fertilizers going weakly, weekly as the soluble nitrogen might actually get used before being flushed away with irrigation or rain. The majority of agricultural pollution is due to nitrogen runoff. Does that help solidify the idea for you? Thanks! Kim

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Kim, yes that clears things up for me. Thanks for your response, I really appreciate your rose knowledge.

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Thank you! I'm glad I could help. You're welcome! Kim

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I wandered over to the organic rose growing forum and asked a question about fertilizer and black spot and got a chemistry lesson lol. And that got me to thinking about the feeding weekly you had mentioned and I wasn't sure what it pertained too so I decided to ask you. :). It can all get technical and complex and can get a little confusing. I decided to keep it simple and just stick with a well balanced organic Fertilizer like the Tone products.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Hi boncrow66...

Just keep it
What kinda roses do you grow?...

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Thanks Jim, I agree lol. Simple works best for me especially when your busy with a full time job. I have Evelyn, Heritage, golden celebration, zephrine drouhin, souvenir DA la malmaisson, 3 cl pinkies , Julia child and pink Don Juan all planted this spring. I have nacadoches, strike it rich, chihuly and heirloom all 4 years old and a sunsprite 3 years old. I also inherited a bed of 6 queen Elizabeth's when I moved in my house 13 years ago along with a seven sisters. All of the new roses planted this year are at out future retirement home at the lake along with nacadoches and strike it rich and everything else is at my home. I also have a rescued My Girl that a friend gave me half dead and so far doesn't look like it's going to make it but I'm not going to give up on it until spring lol. Sorry I just kinda rattled on lol I almost forgot ....I also was given a cutting of Peggy Martin this year and she is already big enough to tye up to the trellis!

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I've had success with Kim's weekly/weakly program for young roses as well. One other thing that can be part of the program for immature roses is disbudding them so that the enrgy can go to roots instead of blooms. Harder said than done, and I'll confess that often disbudding for me means get ridding of everything but one bud/bloom at any given time. I just got to see *something*!

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Yes subk3 I know what you mean! I have not been able to bring myself to disbud my new roses. I understand why you should do it but I just can't lol.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

All nice roses you have boncrow66!
I disbudded young roses one entire season before and it was tough and I probably will never do that

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