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swang(z10 CA)December 1, 2011

Hi. I used to read this forum a long time ago but I got busy and haven't had time to do much gardening. I was reading the compost whacko thread yesterday and was glad to find that it hasn't changed!

Can anyone give me some advice? A couple of us are trying to think of some projects to plan with our school community to do in our school garden that hasn't been used in awhile. We are trying to get it going again and get people excited about it.

Some ideas we had were planting nitrogen-fixing crops and inviting people to come help. Another idea was doing a lasagna bed and asking people bring materials. Or setting up a worm bin.

We have some big planter boxes that used to grow vegetables and some beds on the ground. But I'm kind of not sure what would be better or should we try to do both projects in different spots? Are either projects better to accomplish different things with the soil or better for planters versus beds in the ground?


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Have you looked at the National Gardening Associations Kids Gardening web site for ideas?

Here is a link that might be useful: kidsgardening

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Take a look at the Cornell Composting site. They have some school project ideas.

My idea would be a comparison of various methods and sizes. Use the same materials (grass, leaves, coffee grounds) to make a:

3x3x3 mesh bin
5x5x3 mesh bin
4' round bin 24" high (my favorite size)
bin in a trash can
Lasagna bed
Pit dug into ground

and compare the temperatures in the core (daily? weekly?) even during the winter. Show sample of each in a jar in the spring.

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Here is a link that might be useful:

Here is a link that might be useful: City Sprouts

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Check out our program at Granny's Garden School. We have been working with kids in our school gardens (100 vegetable beds, lots of flower gardens, nature trail and apple orchard) for 10 years. You do not say what is your goal with restarting the gardens. We believe in planting with a purpose in mind. The students plant potatoes in the spring to harvest in the fall. Certain flowers in the spring to press and/or collect seeds in the fall, etc. Go to the website below and click on School Garden Program and Garden Adventures for ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Granny's Garden School

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