Daybreaker - pros and cons

kentucky_rose zone 6August 12, 2007

I'm already thinking about 2008 rose season. I would appreciate any feedback on Daybreaker, e.g. abundance of blooms, do they last long, disease resistance, size of bush, and the ultimate question is, "Would you buy it again, knowing how it performs in your garden?" Thanks in advance!

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niecey(6b-Toronto, Can)

I would buy Daybreaker again for its continious amount of blooms it sends out up until the sign of winter(very floriferious)
I am speaking for me; blooms last a very long time til it get so crispy that I sometimes have to pick it off.
I have two Daybreaker one in the front yard(potted) and one in the backyard(bareroot)
The one in the front is very healthy with shiny leathery leaves
One in the backyard suffers from a serious case of blackspot(not a lot of sun in that area)
Also grows very wide and full and could get up to 5ft tall
KR- I just had to show pics of DayBreaker
Everytime I see the word Day breaker I get carried away
cuz I love it so much.


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Those are very pretty photos, Niecey. I really like the coloration of DB, so refresh and cheerful. Unfortunately I havenÂt grown it due to the reports of bs when not sprayed.

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Maryl zone 7a

This is a GOOD rose that is probably a GREAT rose in areas that have moderate summer temperatures. This is it's 3rd year for me and it's here (so far) because of it's good points in spring and fall when it's color, shape, and fragrance are at their peak. It makes a good cut flower then too, with a quick repeat. It must be sprayed for blackspot here and Thrips find it somewhat attractive.

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hotroses(z7 Charlotte)

I think maryl has it right with "GREAT rose in areas that have moderate summer temperatures" I saw it in Portland and Seattle and it was stunning. I grew it in Houston and Charlotte it was mediocre. Hot weather reduces blooms and washes out the color. Humidity brings on the blackspot. I know I shouldn't compare roses growing in the PNW with those grown in the south - but my heart is in the PNW and my body (and home)in the south. What is a rose grower to do?

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

quantity of blooms
quick repeat
form of blooms
needs better disease resistance
has little fragrance
color fading

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Niecey, feel free to get carried away any time you feel like it! :-)


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wow those roses look gorgeous!! I just might grow daybreakers as my very first rosebush!

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ostrich(3a AB)

I love my Daybreaker too! This is my first year and it's already blooming a lot for me. I posted this photo here before:

The only drawback was that it developed powdery mildew easily but it seemed to be under control after I sprayed it with Orthenex.

Otherwise, I don't have any complaints... sure, it could have been more fragrant, but we can't have everything, can we? :-)

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jont1(Midwest 5b/6a)

Patrick growing a DayBreaker as your very first rose would be a good idea. There are certainly many roses that would be much more troublesome to start out with by far.
DayBreaker is my absolute of all my 200+ roses I grow and it has been that way for quite some time, so this is no passing fancy.

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Hands down my new favorite and I would like to thank everyone who recomened this rose to me last year. I do use a systemic funguside. It has a good 20 blooms on it right now (third flush) in its first year. I can't wait to see in once it is established.

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I only have space for 10 roses, and Day Breaker has been my favorite rose by far since I planted it about 5 years ago. The flower form and color are exquisite and it is the most prolific bloomer of all my roses, with 20-40 blossoms continuously from mid-May to late October. The bush is compact and I like its tall growth habit.

The climate here in Portland, OR is perfect for Day Breaker and mine has never had powdery mildew or black spot even though I don't spray. About my only minor quibbles with it are that it attracts aphids more than my other roses, and it isn't strongly scented. But in all other ways it is just about the perfect rose.

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