Is this rose Heart of Gold?

sara_ann-z6bokAugust 23, 2013

Back in early July I posted another picture of this rose on the ID forum. Seil gave 3 suggestions of what she thought it might be, they were Dream Come True, Granada and Mardi Gras. At the time I thought it might be Granada, but I happened to be on Northland's website last night and came across a grandiflora, Heart of Gold, and thought that's it, then looked on HMF and got more confused, still not sure. Northland nursery just happens to be the one that sent it, but I was on their site just looking, wasn't even thinking about this rose at the time. What do some of you think?

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I grow Heart of Gold in Zone 7 Alabama. Only my second year with her, but she's around 7 ft tall and very narrow at this point. Was very stingy with blooms last year, but bloomed almost constantly this year. Your bloom looks very similar to mine when I cut buds to bring in. The ones I leave on the bush blush with more pink fairly quickly. Here are a few pics for comparison. The last pic is from early August just to give you an idea of what the bush looks like now. I had cut most of the buds off before the Japanese Beetles beat me to them.

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Thanks Pat. I really think it might be Heart of Gold. If it is I'm glad I got it by mistake, yours is gorgeous. Mine looks really healthy, but this is only the second time I've had blooms, but it is own-root if that makes a difference the first year.

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Mine is grafted. I bought it last spring in a 3 gallon pot from a local nursery. It gave me a few early blooms and a few fall blooms, but not much in between last year. Was a very healthy bush, though. This year it's been blooming almost nonstop. If yours is Heart of Gold, I think you will be happy with her once she settles in.

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I really do think it is Heart of Gold, thanks. Do you have good luck with potted, local nursery roses? I mostly plant nail order bareroot grafted roses, I've had good success with those. So many times I've wanted to buy the potted ones, but usually resist, although I did get a Europeana like that this spring. It's doing good, but I haven't always had success with them, it was probably me, not the plant though. Wondering what kind of success you have with the potted ones.

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I have a Heart O Gold on fortuniana from K&M in Mississippi. Actually I think the technical name is Heart "O" Gold, not "of". I just recently planted in the ground about 3 weeks ago in a very rich bed made primarily of horse manure and other organic matter (sheet composting bed). It has just started putting out new growth. It has amazing colors. Mine looks the most like Pat's last picture--almost neon pinkish-orange shading to a bright goldish-orange in the middle. I don't know if it's Pat's camera, but I don't get the reddish tons in Pat's middle pictures.

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Sara Ann, I'm nearing 100 roses now and most I've purchased potted from local nurseries. I've had great luck with them. There are several nurseries in the area that carry roses, and only one of them that I'm not very comfortable buying roses from. That one doesn't specialize in them...just carries some that they bring in already potted; whereas, the other nurseries plant theirs from bareroot and nurse them along for months before selling to the public. Those nurseries are owned by master gardeners who know roses and are very good about only carrying ones they feel will do well in our climate. A couple of the nurseries even grow test roses each year to see how they perform here. I prefer to see the roses in bloom before buying, so I only mail order if there is something I really want and can't find here. Really depends on the quality of the nurseries in your area, though.

Jockewing, mine is pink and gold, red tones. Pics were taken on the crappy camera on my old phone...just upgraded to one with a better camera last week.

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Jockewing, thanks. Yes you are correct, the Exhibition name is Heart O'Gold, appreciate your input, especially your description of how you planted it. Pat, thank you very much. Sounds like you have some good sources for potted roses. The place where I purchased my Europeana doesn't specialize in roses, but the owner has told me that he has a very good source and they take very good care of them. I'm sure they are better than the big box stores. I thought back to the times when I have planted potted roses and I think maybe sometimes I waited too long to plant them in the ground. You must have some lovely roses. I saw a picture of your Outta The Blue rose on another post, really caught my eye, GORGEOUS!

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