Scrawny Climbing Roses

TKHooper196August 4, 2014

Hi new to roses and need help. I bought 3 climbing roses at roses and they are scrawny. There are one or two branches that are growing with a few leaves on each one. In going cheap is this the best I can do? I'm using the Bayer 3 in 1 treatment on them every six weeks Should I trim them back. Add something to the soil? I would appreciate any assistance with this.

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I would stop spraying them with the Bayer, I have learned on this forum that it isn't very good for roses. I would make sure they have plenty of water and you should watch Paul Zimmermans videos on YouTube on how to train and care for climbing roses. This was my first year planing climbers and the videos are very informative about climbing roses. I'm sure some of the more experienced posters will chime in and give more detailed advice about what to do, you have come to the right place for advice. There are so many good people on this forum who are very knowledgable about roses and are kind enough to share and offer advice. Good luck, I'm sure your roses are going to be just fine.

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seil zone 6b MI

If these are brand new roses this year then you need to be patient. Climbers take at least three years, and sometimes five, to really start to grow. In that time they are building up a nice big root ball capable of sending water and nutrients up tall climbing canes. Keep them watered and fertilized and let them do their thing at their own pace.

I agree with boncrow, that Bayer 3 in 1 isn't the best product and may be unnecessary. That 3 in 1 isn't very specific and isn't particularly effective at any of the three things it has in it. If you don't have a fungal disease or an insect problem you don't need to be using those products. Just find any good balanced fertilizer and feed them regularly according to the directions. If you do have a disease then use a fungicide only that is meant for that disease. Same thing with the insects. Before using any insecticide you have to ID the bug you have and then use the correct product for that insect.

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Michaela .:. thegarden@902 .:. (Zone 5b - Iowa)

TKHooper196 -

Are they in pots or planted in the garden?

I would fertilize them, keep them well watered, and make sure they get some shade in the hottest parts of the day.

I have two very very young John Davis roses and I have them in one gallon pots, and I mulched the pots so they don't dry out too quickly. They seem to like the afternoon shade a bit.

Good luck! :o)

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Climbing roses:

FIrst year sleeping
Second year creeping
Third year leaping!

Water, light, and some food (NOT Bayer 3 in 1). Then patience. If they grow any long canes, that is when they are starting to "leap". If you train the canes as horizontally on a support as you can, they will bloom more.


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