Mishapen Rose bush

dawnpet69August 6, 2014

Hi, moved into new house a year ago and found a lovely very smelly (really lovely smell) rose bush, I dug it up and put it in a pot and want to now put it back in the soil but I am not sure how or when to prune it but I would like it to be more of a bush if possible rather than one thick stem with just a couple of thin stems, question is can I make it bushy where to prune it and the best time, thanks so much for any advice, novice gardner

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If I cut the main stem will it sprout lots of new growth (new stems?) or would it be best to prune the two longer stems

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Beautiful rose, would like more !

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That rose needs to be planted in the garden, which I understand is your intent. The most important thing is not what shape it is right now, but planting it in the right place.

It needs sun for at least 6 hours a day, and water. After you plant it it will spend some time making new roots and getting established before you will see new top growth. Do not worry about that - think of it as growing under the ground where you cannot see it. DO NOT FEED it at first - wait until it shows new growth, and then just feed it with a rose food (no poisons), and follow the directions.

However, right after planting it might not have enough energy to both grow new roots and support the top growth and those blooms it has now. If it was mine I would cut off say 5-6 inches of the two little canes with the leaves, leaving some leaves on it (because they are what keeps it alive). Then I would WAIT for it to make roots (might take 2-3 months). When it has done that and is showing new growth, I would feed it as I said, and then WAIT to see how it does with the new growth - several months to a year. It needs time to recuperate from being neglected, dug up and put in a pot, and then re-planted.

Send us another picture when it has gotten bigger, and there are people on here who will be able to give you specific instructions as to pruning. Pruning is your LAST issue, not the first. First you have to get it healthy and growing in the garden.

Good Luck!


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I second everything Jackie said.

Good luck. Your rose is a beauty.


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Thankyou so much, I will follow your advice

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Coming in late -- but you've gotten good advice.

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