another unknown

deervssteve(9)August 18, 2013

Another unknown from the slope that showed up after I fertilized the area. Until they bloom all I can see is a lot of rose leaves from different bushes growing all over the place. White, fragrant, smells like a florist shop, probably a hybrid musk. Any ideas?

I need to see how big the bush is an maybe make a small cage. It's been deer food for 25 years,

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Nice looking white bloom Steve! :)

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The bush has 3 or 4 canes that have are sprawled on the slope. i went to home depot and got some small 6 foot stakes. I'll stake the canes and they should be tall enough so the deer can't get the tops.

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Hi Steve,


Iceberg is a modern cluster-flowered floribunda rose cultivar. The cultivar is commercially available in two main forms. These are as a tall bush and a standard rose produced by grafting.

Leaves are light green and glossy. Blooms are about 5 cm in diameter and have 25 to 35 petals. Buds are long and pointed. The fragrant flowers usually appear throughout the year.

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