Peach Drift dwarf shrub anyone have one?

sunflowersrus222(7a Pa)August 16, 2013

I couldn't resist. I saw the cutest peach colored rose blooms on this bush in walmart and it was on sale for $4.95. It was in a gallon pot and looked very healthy. I've never had a rose shrub before. I've had miniature roses that people had gotten me in the late fall for my birthday but no matter what I did they didn't make it. You know those cute little rose bushes you get in fancy pots etc. Well this is already 2 feet wide and and about 2 1/2 feet tall and full of blooms so how could I resist right?

I have several rose bushes in my yard with absolutely nothing around the bottom or in front to fill in the space and thought this would go wonderful with my Just Joey and Polka climber. I just had a row of roses along my one side of the yard and nothing else.

I know since these are sold in places like Lowes, home depot and walmart they're probably nothing fancy but I just thought they were adorable. Does anyone have these rose shrubs? If so how are they doing in your yard? I've been reading up on them and they seem to be a pretty hardy rose. Apparently they are in the Knock Out rose family. (which I don't have BTW) But thought who could resist a healthy pretty rose at that price?

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I have a Peach Drift standard (ie the shrub rose has been grafted onto l long trunk to be a "tree rose"). I love, love it. Here is a picture of it this past Spring, when it was about 12 months old. It is still blooming as we speak, and has been blooming in quick waves all Summer, even when other roses weren't because of the weather. It does not get sprayed, and mine has not had any disease that I have noticed. All I do is dead head it.


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sunflowersrus222(7a Pa)

Oh how pretty!!! Thank you for posting that photo. I don't spray in my garden at all. For fertilizer I use fishy water from our pond and everything just grows like crazy!! Surprisingly I haven't seen much beetle damage either. I just got so bored with my garden. It was just a row of rose bushes lining the fence on one side and the other side gets so much shade due to a very dense dogwood tree that all I have growning there are ferns and hostas.

Hopefully when I get paid again they'll still have some in stock. If they do then I'll get a few more in other colors. But this Peach was too pretty to pass up. The others they had were pink and red. What I really want is the popcorn drift. That looks darling in the photos online.

BTW the one I bought today is as full of blooms as yours is. I wonder if a tree rose would make it in my zone?

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HMF says that Peach Drift is hardy to zone 5. If you look on the White Flower Farm web site, they have instructions for "overwintering" standard roses. They say if your Winter temps get below -10 degrees F, you need to do something drastic - look it up and maybe you can decide. I can't tell you anything more, as I am in zone 9 where our only Winter issues are drainage during our heavy rains.


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sunflowersrus222(7a Pa)

The information I have on it says zone 5-10.
We don't get that cold here. I've never lost a rose yet to the winter so I'm not concerned about that.

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sunflowersrus222(7a Pa)

Actually found a web site with the information on this particular rose and it says zone 4 to 11. Brighter blooms says 5-10.... either way I'm in the clear.

Here is a link that might be useful: peach drift information

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