Long-distance move of potted roses

dwpc(8a - N Arizona)August 31, 2012

We knew we'd be moving to a location 100 miles from the closest large nursery this Fall, so last Spring we bought five of our favorites in 5 gal pots at a local grower's Spring sale to take along. The moving day is coming at the end of Sept. It will be a 4-5 day moving interval. There's no room for five 5 gal pots and full growth in the car and the mover's chg for moving 25 gal of dirt is out of the question. My plan is to cut them back as if for winter, spray with Cloud Cover, de-pot and make them semi-bare root, wrap roots in plastic, and repot or heel them in at the new house ASAP upon arrival. It will be 4-6 wks before any frost at the new location, so they will have some growing time left in the new place.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Do not wrap roots too tightly in plastic--in an anaerobic environment they will rot.

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Last December we had the same choices for a cross-country move. We rented a small cheap enclosed trailer and moved pots. But i still had to leave a couple behind. At the last minute i dumped "Arizona" out of its pot and wrapped it in wet painter's canvas and off we went...with three dogs and a cat too. In the chaos of the move Arizona got lost. Three months later i happened to see some small green leaves peeping out from under our deck stairs outdoors. Yup, Arizona calling for rescue. As i type this, it is one of the healthiest bushes in the new garden. So that would be a vote for canvas from the paint store!

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Campanula UK Z8

or even damp newspaper or bits of old sheet material. Keep them cool, as cool as possible, They will be OK. Cut them back as hard as you can bring yourself to manage, they may drop all remaining leaves and go into early dormancy, not a problem, even if they look dead. Wait till next year - they should be fine.

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