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jacqueline9CAAugust 18, 2013

This little rose bush has been growing in its pot which is in the ground (with no bottom - just in a pot to save it from the encroaching ground cover daisies) for over 12 years. It blooms almost continuously from May through Oct. I have no idea who it is, but it stays about the size in the picture - 18-24 inches across and high. Every year it has been throwing out a pale yellow/white sport (see bottom right hand side of pic). I always forget to take a picture of it. I have been meaning to try and root the sport, because it is such a great little bush, and I like that color too.

I have no idea who this rose is - as I recall, someone brought it to a dinner party for me as a hostess gift years ago, and I threw it into a pot. Does anyone have any ideas?



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kstrong(10 So Cal)

Those "hostess gift" type potted roses are usually Poulsen roses that are grown unnamed by various nurseries and which are meant to last one bloom cycle and then tossed.

Therefore, they put five or six stems in one pot, which is WAY too small for that many roses. Then they fertilize the bejeesus out of the pot in a greenhouse until it gets its first blooms and they put that for sale in the grocery store. What you get is a very stressed pot that usually dies even if you care for it well. So that you got yours going is a good thing.

I would bet you any amount of money however that the one "yellow" one was just a stem of some other rose that got mistakenly stuck in your pot, not a real sport. It would be impossible to tell that after a few years however, as they have probably grown together by now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Poulsen's so-called

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Thank you so much! It does, in shape, etc., look like a category of roses Poulsen's website calls "Indoor Roses" - which is an oxymoron - Eewwww!

Anyway, you may be correct about the yellow/white bloom too - I just went out and looked at it carefully. The stem it is on goes back to the ground, and where it enters the soil there is a branching of it and 3 other stems, non of which have any blooms at the moment. The base of those stems is about 2 inches away from what looks like the base of the stems with the dark pink roses on them. I will keep an eye on them, and see what color they are when they bloom. I still may try and root the stem with the yellow/white rose on it - if it is a separate plant, it has always been way dominated by the other rose - it only has one or two yellow/white blooms a year. Thanks again for the info - very interesting.


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That's likely the cause. Some producers are even deliberately combining different colored minis in the same pot for the "mixed bouquet" effect. The Smart & Final here in Encino offered small pots of mixed red and white minis for Valentine's and Mother's Days. The varieties are selected for their ease of propagation and flowering well at very small sizes. To eliminate the time required to produce a bushy plant, multiple rooted cuttings are planted together so a full, flowering, "retail quality" product can be quickly pushed out the door. Very seldom are they considered for use once they are "mature", which is why many of them eventually produce three to five foot monsters with inch and a half flowers in the open ground. Kim

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