Has anyone grown Buttercup Rose, David Austin Rose

ThomasLearningAugust 13, 2013

Has anyone grown Buttercup Rose (Buttercup 98 on at Hortico.com)? This is a David Austin Rose.

I would like to know its growing habits,bloom time, size and anything else you would like to share. I would love to see a photo of this bush in bloom.

I am in Fort Lauderdale.

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I never heard of this rose until now...I looked it up, it's gorgeous!! I'm a real sucker for yellow roses...I bet it would look pretty near Belle Story.

I hope you get some answers, I'm as interested as you are now!

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mirendajean(Donegal, Ireland)

I'm like racin rose. I've never heard of it befor. I just checked it out on the DA website. It looks amazing. I'm going to contact DA and see what the story is. Its form, colour and growth are lovely which makes me wonder why its not better known. I wonder if its susceptible to disease or something.

I'm very tempted by this rose. In order to fit it into the garden I'll have to sp another rose. Oh, the agony !



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paparoseman(z8 WA. PO.)

I have had this rose for years. With NO summer watering and we do not get much rain during the summer it has been a very nice rose. Mine is five feet tall and perhaps three wide. It tends to grow much taller compared to it's width unlike many other Austins. The flower color is a nice somewhat translucent slightly orange shaded yellow fading to pure yellow. The scent is pleasant but not overly strong and the blooming continues at a good pace all summer.

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mirendajean let me know what you find out from DA.
paparoseman thank you for sharing your experiebce.

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mirendajean(Donegal, Ireland)

I spoke to DA just this morning. The nice Customer Service Lady said that its a good rose for my climate (very similar to the Pacific Northwest). She said that its a heathy rose but not so hardy if I lived closer to the sea. (There's a couple very, very small mountains between the sea and my garden so I'm ok)

I also asked why its a lesser known variety. She answered a distinctive London accent, "it's just an older variety, we're not hiding it or anything. It's a lovely rose, beautiful cups with fewer petals so the rain doesn't affect them as much. It would do well for you in Donegal as long as your a bit inland from the coast."

I hope that helps. I'm not sure what your zone is.


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Thanks mirendajean

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