Weak canes on Strike It Rich

esther_bAugust 11, 2014

This spring, I purchased a potted Strike It Rich rose bush at Home Depot. All the green canes are growing off of some central thick old brownish canes which had been trimmed to about 5" in length at the originating nursery. Several of the green canes are weak and a couple have broken halfway through (whether from a passing squirrel or the nasty 6 year old next store who plays ball in the yard near my garden despite co-op signs posted prohibiting same I cannot tell). One of the semi-broken canes I propped up by tying it with vinyl tie-up tape to a stake. The other was broken worse, although the leaves at the end are still hydrated.

I would like to know when and how to prune this rose when the growing season is over, so that it only has strong canes in the future.

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Is your rose still in a pot? If it is, instead of worrying about pruning it, I would plant it in the ground, and let it get established - it is still a baby. If it was mine I would cut it back to about 18 inches high, plant it in the ground, and leave it alone (except to make sure it has enough water) until next Spring.

If it was fed in its pot, it may have spent too much energy trying to put up top growth, which then came out weak. What it needs is to grow roots in the ground, which it will do if you leave it alone. Then hopefully by next Spring it will begin to grow healthy canes, and you can look at it to see about pruning.


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Hi, Jackie. Thanks for your reply. I planted the rose immediately when I got home from HD. I dug a hole larger than the root ball, put some lime in there and some Espoma organic fertilizer, planted the rose with the soil at the crown level and watered it faithfully ever since. The soil was amended last year, with plenty of peat and good topsoil added to make it nice and loamy.

This Strike It Rich rose has GORGEOUS blooms. I love the amber yellow flowers streaked with red. Got a lot of compliments from neighbors on it. So next year, I hope to have nice sturdy canes that stand up to squirrels and/or nasty 6 year olds with errant balls.

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Strike it Rich is a big, tall, vigorous grower here. Mine is around 4 years old. It produces lots of new canes each year. Most of those start out strong now, but it will still have a couple of canes in the spring that are too weak to hold up all its blooms after a strong storm without staking. Those do improve through the growing season, though. As yours matures, I believe it will be a strong, upright blooming machine. Here is mine from last fall towering over other roses nearby:

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Wow, Pat, Just gorgeous. Gives me something to look forward to. Today I noticed a few blackspot-looking leaves on the lower part of the plant. My research indicated that this rose is supposed to be highly resistant to that. What should I do to help my SIR?

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