'Carpet' roses have stopped setting buds and blooming...

Maxine(5MA)August 10, 2010

Dear Garden Folk

I'm not sure that 'setting buds' is the right term but IÂm not sure how else to say it.

The shrubs bloomed through July and have just stopped.

No obvious diseases or insects. They just stopped.

One thing though, they are planted in front of (too close to) some Gladiola...could this be causing a problem

They were so pretty and covered an ugly bit of foundation. Any thoughts?

Should I move them now rather than wait for fall to get them away from the Glads?



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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

My carpet roses go through about three or four separate flushes of blooms throughout the year. When my carpet roses stop blooming, they stop for about a month or so, then - viola - another flush magically appears.

Have you had these roses for quite some time? Is this not normal behavior for them? Unless they usually behave differently for you, I would think this is quite normal. Be patient and they will put on another show for you before winter.

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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

It's to hot to move them now and there's a good chance the move would not allow them to survive the winter. Moving now will guarantee a complete shutdown of blooms for the rest of the season. Fall and cooler temps usually bring on more buds and flowers. Wait until the spring and move them as soon as you can work the soil.
If it is the glads, your problem will take care of itself when you dig them up this fall. Next year find another place to plant the glads if you think they may be the problem. I really doubt though that the glads are the problem. Have you been watering faithfully?

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

What would gladiolas have to do with it? I've had gladiolas around some of my roses for a decade without a problem.

Has it just been terribly hot for quite a long while? That will stop roses from blooming.

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Nothing blooms all the time, even them dang Knockouts;
most "everblooming" roses actually bloom, as holley says, in flushes with rest periods between.

Summer heat always shuts down the roses here, but they will bloom more beautifully in the autumn.

Just hang in there & keep watering.

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Missy, Traverse City, Mi Z5

My understanding is that carpet roses are supposed to bloom throughout the summer. I just put some in this year, and I am counting on them to keep up the blooms.

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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

I don't have any of these, but I remember seeing them advertised on TV--YES--an actual live television ad for roses.

They stated on the commercial that they were supposed to be different from Knock-outs in that they really did not shut down between flushes. I just looked these up on HMF and they state "continuous (perpetual) bloom".


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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

I have two sets - one set of 6 appleblossoms that are about 10 years old under one set of windows, and a set of 4 whites that are about 4 years old under another set of windows. Both bloom in flushes, not 'continuously or perpetually'.

Perhaps the newer and improved versions really are new and improved! :) I would love to hear if anyone has some that bloom constantly, and what kind they are.

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Terry Crawford

Dale, my Pink Carpet Roses take blooming breaks throughout the summer...it's completely normal. I get 3-4 flushes per year. They do not bloom continuously.

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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

They would if pruned to bloom continuously. Removing all the spent blooms at one time means the next buds will form and all bloom at the same time. By deadheading mine continuously and staggering the deadheading some so not all spent blooms are removed at the same time, I get continuous blooms on Knock Out, my polyanthas, Cape Diamond, and a number of my rugosas and climbers. Once the cycle is started, it's simple to keep it going by removing spent blooms as they occur. Large mature hybrid teas or any type of modern repeat blooming rose can be made to have blooms on them all the time by deadheading 1/4 of the bush each week. The heat of summer will cause even those continuously blooming to slow down considerably.

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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

That's how I do mine....granted, I don't get the massively impressive flush all at once, but I always have at least two blooms on each rosebush throughout the summer. It's just a personal preference.

Last year I did it the other way, and it didn't make me happy. I like doing it this way because I like to work outside each day when I get home, and it's an easy task that takes less than 30 minutes each night.

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hello...well it sounds like the heat may be the culprit.
As far as the glad issue. It just seemed that everything was perfect until they came up. actually, i think that the glads maybe shading the roses. Weird thing re the glads...i don't dig them up. They were planted years ago by the previous owner and they just keep coming back. Anyway, I get that the heat is causing issue but i must point out that there are shrub roses that bloom continuallsy throughout the summer. I have 2 'Lovely Fairies" (not The Fairy) and they bloom their heads off spring to fall.
so...IÂll give my Carpets a break and lots of water and hope they will come again.
Just read the pruning postsÂcanÂt hurt to try

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