Has anyone ever heard of Love Surprise?

mirendajean(Donegal, Ireland)August 23, 2013

Hey everybody. Does anyone know the rose Love Surprise?

I bought a sad looking little clearance rose earlier this year called Love Surprise. It's putting on steady growth and is adorable. However, I can't find any information about it. There's nothing on HMF and the name is isn't unique enough to google it (can you imagine the search results for "Love Surprise")

Please help! I have found the labels on plants from this garden centre to be generic.


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sunflowersrus222(7a Pa)

I did some searching and couldn't find any information on that rose either. It's a very pretty rose. I hope I come across it some day. I'll certainly have to buy one. Love the color!

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seil zone 6b MI

Some roses have different names in the USA from those in Europe and other places. This may be one that has been renamed here.

I see on that tag it comes from a company called Homebase. Maybe you could contact them to find out where they get their roses from and go from there.

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mirendajean(Donegal, Ireland)

Sunflowers - Thank you for trying.

Seil - homebase is Ireland's answer to Lowes minus the lumber yard. They are beyond unhelpful when it comes to roses. I keep buying from them because the prices are ridiculously low on the clearance rack (same place I bought a tree rose for â¬5). Anytime I've had a question about roses I get no help at all...(sigh)..maybe it's just me. I love to read all I can about each rose I buy.

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Mirendajean -- I rather expected that Homebase was something equivalent to a big box operation in the U.S. On these shores, I think some of our fly-by-night rose suppliers assign names based solely on color. If it's red, it's 'Crimson Glory'. Yellow? Well, that's 'Oldtimer'. And if it's white it's either JFK or 'Virgo', no doubt about it.

Your rose is lovely, but to my eye those blooms bear no resemblance to the red flower pictured on the identity tag. I'm linking to another photo of LS that looks a bit more similar (at least color-wise) to the photo on your plant's ID tag. What do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: Surprise: Another 'Love Surprise'

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mirendajean(Donegal, Ireland)

Yes Windeaux. How'd you find that? I agree. It must be a mislabeled rose. I am accustomed to Homebase's tag colours being "off". It never occurred to me that this is another mislabeled rose.

I've tried to get mislabeled rose info from homebase more than once. They aren't helpful.

Sooooo, anyone know who this rose is?


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Wow, it's beautiful, whatever it is. I agree with Windeaux, I think it's a mislabeled rose. It looks really familiar, but I can't quite figure out what it reminds me of. I'm guessing since you're over on the other side of the pond, it's gotta be something from one of the hybridizers over there. To me, it looks like it could be either a Harkness rose, or a Fryer one. You might check out their websites to see if it looks like anything from one of them. It has those very distinct points on the petal edges that ought to help in ID'ing it.

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